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True Story...
A Hilarious Fitting
…Sort Of

By far, one of the best parts of my job is the hearing
aid fittings. It is when you see “the lights come on” so
to speak. This is when our patients discover just how
much they have been missing. This is usually when I
hear, “I probably should have done this much sooner”.
True Story: I recently had a fitting where the kids
brought mom in for hearing aids. Understand, mom is
91 years old and they had been BEGGING her to get
Jeffrey J. Johnston, BC·HIS
hearing aids for years. During the fitting, after she was
fitted, the kids could not believe how well she was hearing when they
spoke in a normal voice. Mom said, “Are you talking like you usually do?”
They said, “No we usually have to yell in your face so you can hear us”.
Mom said, “I didn’t know”. That’s when one of the kids said, “WHAT? We
have been telling you for years to get help!” Then some other things were
said that I can’t repeat in print. It was all said in fun and there was a lot of
smiling and laughter. It was a great fitting.
What stood out to me was the fact that Mom really believed she was
hearing okay because everyone around her was used to raising their
voice and speaking directly at her.
The take away from this story is that hearing loss is a challenge for the
entire family not just the person with the loss. If you or a loved one has
hearing loss, come in for a free screening and consultation to see what
can be done for you. It could be life changing for you and your family.

Selective Hearing Centers
Patient Benefits
• Free Hearing Screenings
• Free hearing aid demonstrations
• Buy one-get-one free batteries for life
• Your choice several manufacturers
• Loss & damage coverage included

Connecting You to Life

• Low price guarantee
• Referral program
• Extended service hours
• Mobile service
• Rechargeable aids available

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