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Hi, I have a home built in the late eighties. I
have copper pipe throughout my home. My pipes
sweat profusely! Especially on the cold line. How
do I stop that from happening? It leaves a green
line on the basement floor from so much water
dripping off the pipe .
- Jeff K.-

A Hi Jeff,

The temperature of the water is cooler than the interior air
temperature of the home. Have you ever ran a drinking
fountain for a period of time to try to get a cooler drink
of water? When we see this we immediately look for a
fixture in the home, (usually a toilet), that is running or
failing. The water keeps running and bringing in new
cooled water from the water service and the water never
has time to settle out to the air temperature. Another thing
that can be done to stop this is to insulate the cold and
hot waterline. The hot would be insulated for efficiency
and cost savings. Please call our office if you need any
additional help with this issue.

– Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber