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We have galvanized piping in our home which is restricting our water pressure due to rust and
corrosion deteriorating the piping from within. We are looking to have our pipes replaced but
what is the best product to replace it with? They’re are a couple options out there.
- Robert P -


Good morning,
There are three other materials we use to replace potable water systems in this fine state of Wisconsin and
they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Copper water piping does a nice job. It lasts a long time
and looks good after installation. The disadvantage is, in the event it would freeze, it will split. It also is labor
intensive and cost is higher than the other materials that could be used. CPVC is another product alternative.
CPVC is a product that is more affordable and you can do a nice looking job with it. The disadvantage is,
after 8-10 years, it has a tendency to get brittle and can break like glass if it were to be bumped or when
trying to shut off a valve let’s say. CPVC can also freeze and split. Another material that is legal in the state of
Wisconsin, is a product called PEX. PEX is a flexible hose type material. The advantage is, cost, it’s about
the same cost as CPVC. It comes in three colors, blue for cold, red for hot, and white. It’s easy to work with
and in the event it were to freeze, it will expand like a python that ate a goat, but won’t burst. After a rise
in temperature, the frozen line will retract back to its normal state and be just fine. The disadvantage is,
PEX is a product that is difficult to do a good looking job with. At Building Waters, we have a rule we try to
follow. We try to sell the customer on running PEX on the horizontals, and run copper on the verticals and
floor penetrations. The cost will reflect this as well. It gives the customer the frozen expanding benefits of
PEX and the rigidity with the copper, where it is needed. Copper pipe also accepts a better quality valve at the
individual fixtures. Please reach out to us if you need a hand with your quest. We would be happy to help you.

-Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber