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Q Good morning,

I have a question for you. We have a new toilet, the water in
the bowl doesn’t sit as high in the bowl as our last one, is there
something wrong? Is it due to water conservation?
- Mildred K. -

A Good morning Mildred,

State code requires that the water in a trap be at a minimum
of one inch. It’s sole purpose is to keep sewer gas at bay. The
height of the water in a bowl is determined by the high point
of the intrical trap of the toilet. The real question is, the shape
of the bowl and water dispersement footprint in the bowl.
Some toilets have a more conducive shaped bowl to create a
higher water level illusion in the bowl. I actually prefer
( through experience ) a bigger water footprint in the bowl. In
the event it’s used by a woman, and the water footprint isn’t
large enough, the toilet paper has a tendency, when disposed,
to stick to the front of the bowl and a second flush is often
required. There are huge studies done about this by certain
manufacturers. If you would like a list of well manufactured
toilets, give us a call.
-Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber