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Q Good morning....-

My spouse and I purchased a house recently that had been sitting
vacant for about one year. EVERY TIME we do laundry, the floor
drain backs up but that water goes back down relatively quickly.
It’s not that bad, but after it happens and we have to go retrieve
the laundry, our shoes or slippers get wet and we traipse it up the
stairway carpet. Can something be done about this?
- Jennifer F-

A Good morning Jennifer,

Your sewer is partially plugged. Usually the kitchen sink is plumbed
on the same line as the laundry, and in many plumbing schemes,
grease and food get thrown down the kitchen drain. The grease
has a tendency to adhere to the side walls of the waste line, and
over time, choke the diameter of the sewer line down. The laundry
discharges a lot of water at one time and can result in a back up but
will eventually drain down completely. Grease should NEVER be
disposed of in your drains or in the sewer, however, in the event it
does, it should be run down with ICE cold water. This way the grease
would go down the drain in the form of little
balls rather than adhering to the side walls of the
pipe. Call us and we can keep your feet dry and
stairway carpet clean!
-Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber