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Ask the expert:

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Q Good morning.
I’m curious, how long do water heaters last? Mine
is 15 years old, my basement is finished, and I
have carpet down there.
-Gary S.-

A Good morning Gary,
the life expectancy of a water heater is 8-10 years.
Every day after eight years is a blessing! You’re
kind of living on borrowed time at 15. They are
warranted for one year on parts and six years on
the tank. When I first got into the trades, life
expectancy was about 16-18 years. To keep costs
down, the manufacturers have “cheapened” them
up a bit. Commercial heaters have a warranty of
only 1 year, 3 years tops. Give us a call and we can
change that out for you, before disaster hits that
carpet! 262-989-1001
- Wes Rosenberg, Owner/Master Plumber