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Ask the expert:

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Q I would really like to see my son obtain a

trade. I think it would be a good opportunity
for him. I see you are looking for employees.
What are you looking for in an employee? I’ve
heard on the radio that some companies are
offering sign on bonuses. Is that something
you offer?

A Hi Don,

— Don K —

What we are looking for in our company is an
employee who wants to have a trade more than
their father wants them to have a trade . Someone
passionate and prideful in their craft with a
positive attitude and who is team oriented. I tell
my employees now, care about others more than
yourself and good things happen for all. Sign on
bonus? I would prefer to give my existing loyal
employees bonus money and care for them first. If
your son has these traits or you know of someone
else that has these traits, send them our way! Give
a man a fish, he eats for the
day. Teach a man to fish, he
will eat for a lifetime!
Wes Rosenberg,
Owner/Master Plumber