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Pablo from Spain, 17 yrs. yrs.
Loves soccer and would like to learn
to play baseball. Pablo is a boy
scout and enjoys the outdoors.

Julie from Denmark, 16 yrs.
Enjoys gymnastics, swimming
and photography. She’s positive, fun
loving and easy to get along with.

(For 3, 5 or 10 months)
Make this year the most exciting, enriching year ever for you and your family.
Welcome a high school student, 15-18 years old, from Belgium, Italy, France,
Ukraine, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Germany or Thailand as part of your family
for a school year (or less) and make an overseas friend for life.
For more information or to select your own exchange student please call:

Marcy at 1-800-888-9040 (Toll Free)
or e-mail us at

For privacy reasons, photos above are not photos of actual students
World Heritage is a public benefit, non-profit
organization based in Laguna Beach, CA.