Braxton DeGarmo

Vendor: Braxton DeGarmo, author

Phone number: 314-229-2939

Where are you from? Mount Pleasant

How long have you been selling at the market? First time on June 22

What dates in 2019 do you plan to be at the market? Final date is today.

Products sold at the market: Paperback copies of my suspense and thriller novels

Top seller on Saturdays at the market: “Looks That Deceive”

How did you get started? My mother encouraged me to write a book 20-plus years ago.

What do regular customers say about you? “Can’t put your books down. When’s the next one come out?”

What do you like about Kenosha’s market? Interacting with the people.

Do you have other favorite stands at the market? Several great food stands; Hawk & Hatchet; Brightonwoods Orchard; Triple Seven Studios