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The Bacon Breakfast roll is a big seller.

Vendor name: Roll With It

Phone number: 262-705-3915

Where are you from? Kenosha

How long have you been selling at the market? This is our fourth year at the market.

What dates in 2019 do you plan to be at the market? We plan to be there for every single Saturday market.

Products sold at the market: We sell gourmet fusion egg rolls, including but not limited to: Bacon Breakfast roll (the perfect way to start off your day), a Reuben roll (corned beef, melted swiss cheese and sauerkraut in a golden roll), a Chicken Tikka Masala roll (my personal favorite) and even a special Apple Pie dessert roll.

Top seller on Saturdays at the market: Our top seller is definitely the Bacon Breakfast roll — eggs, green onion, cheddar cheese and bacon. What’s not to love? People will buy this breakfast roll all day long, even until right up to the moment when the market closes at 2 p.m.

How did you get started? We got started when my girlfriend at the time (fiancé now) were talking about different ways to eat food. I brought it up to my parents and my mother suggested running a booth at the Harbor Market. We threw together a couple of prototype rolls and the rest is history. It’s been 3½ years and I’ve been using the profits from Roll With It to pay for my college tuition.

What do regular customers say about you? It’s hard to understand them with their mouths full of our deliciously unique fried rolls, but the noises they make seem to indicate that they really like them!

What do you like about Kenosha’s market? You can find all kinds of things down at the market. If I get some free time during the market, I love just walking down the aisles (occasionally stopping to grab some quick lunch) and just seeing what everyone else has to offer. It’s definitely a unique market.

What’s your most unique or unusual market story? I love hearing people walk by our booth and hear them talking about how their friends told them about this really great egg roll booth called Roll With It.

Do you have other favorite stands at the market? My personal favorite is our neighbors, Anytime Arepas. I also love getting lunch at Little Europa and Olano’s Empanadas. Sometimes I’ll even walk across the street and grab some fresh produce from Jerry Smith’s, and I’ll get the occasional s’mores pie from Elsie Mae’s.