Chanze Wesley Davis and Michelle Ann Tomaszewski

Juan Luis Martinez Gallegos and Ericka Victoria Garcia

Bradley Wayne Champine and Jennifer Renee Ramis

Eric Matthew Homa and Ashley Marie Perkins

Tyler Wayne Thorne and Kelly Morgan Eckhardt

Richard Kevin Baltes and Patricia Ann Gunderson

Jacob Scott Vernezze and Nicole Marie Smith

Nathaniel Scott Jung and Loreen Suzanne Greenwell

Gary Patrick Means Jr. and Rebecca Anne Haley

Bergen Samuel Hanson and Colleen Erin Dyer

Christopher Roy Marshall and Lauren Taylor Massie

Carlos Alberto Davila and Maribel Soto

Joel Howard Lalgee and Rachel Ila Winkler

Dylan Joseph Presley and Elizabeth Leona Dahlquist

Erik Bailey Wind and Ashlee Danelle Knowles

Jeremy Edward Pruitt and Desiree Nicole Pfeiffer

Isaac Ricky Ramirez and Melinda Tobias

Andrew Nicholas Dopuch and Kathleen Renee Muldoon Glassen

William Raymond Akers and Samantha Nicole Grimm

Darrell Gleason Bolling and Wendi Ann Barnes