Tyler Michael Brady and Meghan Marie Wagner

Robert Ray Race Jr. and Stephanie Namio

Jimmy Andrew Sexton Jr. and Jennifer Marie Farias

Ryan Allyn Kumm and Kerri Jane Hoehn

Shpetim Koloveri Idrizi and Adelina Ismaili

Gary Michael Moddes and Kathleen Marie Steinberg

Michael Jay Johnson and Jody Lynne Erbe

Nicholas Joseph Paura and Tovah Marie Grossman

Steven Andrew Leys and Claudia Teresa Lopez

Marcial Figueroa Jr. and Kayla Marie Cornwell

Brian Hampton Bezotte and Jennifer Marie Lewandowski

Miguel-Angel Tobias and Shelbie Marie Erhardt

Christian Jere Chin and Fani Solis Castelan

Michael McCarthy Casey and Anna Kate Dickinson

Alexander Leroy Clark and Diana Rose Lutzen

Eric James Creighbaum and Angela Lorraine Traughber

Michael Gerald Neff and Amber Kaylin Foster

William Lashawn Bevly and Elizabeth Ann Hayes

Willie Howard Gregory Jr. and Felicia Ann Nixon

Thomas Joseph Ravagni and Stephanie Lynn Warner

Mark Edward Ross and Ruthie Ann Olson

Brian William Kosisky and Emily Anne Whitaker

Christopher Bradley Seaton and Alison Godsey

James Alan Koenes and Karen Christine Meyer

Justin John Dimzoff and Haley Brooke Curley

Jonathan Michael Hart and Jacqueline Marie Stiller

Jordan Jon Stensgard and Erin Elizabeth Schrandt

Todd Matthew Demien and Darla Nanette Roach

Joseph Anthony Baruffi and Kimberly Ann Roe

Eva Marie Slay and Alice Catherine Warnock

Rick Maxwell Blattner and Amanda Marie Sayers

Michael David Algiers and Colette Helen Cascio

Matthew Dolmar Eucolono and Nicole Marie Chambers

Matthew John Thomas Wilson and Karlee Faith Vernezze

Douglas Michael Nelson Jr. and Tricia Elaina Marzini

Cody James Myers and Cheyenne Autumn Shannon

Tyler James Lysne and Stephanie Lee Fisher

Timothy Lawrence Petit and Sheila Marie Green

Lukaz Allen Karczewski and Annie Rae Johns

Julius Lacarl Clark and Natalia Mouna Ramsey

Mark James Farrell and Taylor Dayne Elvord

Anthony Warren Ash and Stephanie Marie Vogt

Samuel Joel Carden and Nicole Marie Robinson