Robert Scott Hansen and Brenda Marion Anderson

Justin Tyrone Crosby and Aimee Michele Edenhofer

Edmund Harold Schneider III and Tammy Sue Sande

Kyle Denton Grammentz and Amanda Rae Greidanus

Tyler Michael Shoup and Jaclyn Mary Coppes

Timothy Alan Schumann and Aisha Niccole Lyons

Kevin Dean McCormick and Lenaya Sue Thomas

Joseph Anthony Camodeca and Jennifer Marie De Fer

Jason Christopher Snuffer and Kaitlynn Louise Elizabeth Coull

Evan John Peterson and Brittany Ann Mooney

Tyler James Weiss and Karyn Rae Guttormsen

Jason William Conway and Elise Kae Brothen

Luis Daniel Gutierrez and Ramos Brenda Miranda

Matthew William Spears and Jessica Lynn Wojahn

Anthony Sarodh Umesh De Almeida and Sara Elizabeth Reilson

Brieanne Nicole Tingley and Narissa Marie Ramirez

Jared Ryan Henderson and Valerie Ann Perron

Ryan Richard Vojtisek and Jenna Marie Birch

Raymond Devries IV and Kirsten Leah Keto

Ryan Jon Fox and Belinda Ashley Monroy

Richard Jay Christian and Cassandra Alexis Courtright Krusa

James Lindsay Clark and Mary M. Rothwell

Kyle Wade Parmelee and Kimberly Elizabeth Schaffer

Joseph Ralph Greco and Rachael Elizabeth Weidner

Jonathan Edward Goodman and Anne Elizabeth Bruss

Nathan Ryan Mikolas and Alanna Lesle Wamboldt

Octa’vin Martre Turner and Makayla Marie Ebben-Hyde

Giuseppe Paolo Delle-Grazie and Denise Ester Fishback

Oscar Puente Gallo and Ingrid Anabella Romero

Quinn Steven Maricle and Dawn Marie Peoples

Lee Charles Papendorf and Nancy Doris Spiwek