Michael William Dabbs and Sherri Leigh Arnold

Frankie Lamar Johnson and Cassandra Laverne Melendez

Esait Roberto Fuentes Vazquez and Leticia Arely Tapia Hernandez

Alexander James Krumenacher and Mariah Jean Starr

Robert Andrew Mastronardi II and Concetta Catherine Moscato

Devonte Rashad Washington and Tasha Marrie Ellis

Peter Allen Mohr and Heather Marie Hall

Javier Roberto Romero Jr. and Kelly Jo Irwin

Anthony Frank Conforti and Brittany Anne Asboth

Rob Richard Ladousa and Christina Lee Vanchena

Todd Walter Tolczyk and Christine Lillian Rygielski

Tyler Michael Molkentin and Taylor Nicole Thompson

Reo Lee Bigel and Margo Anne Johnson