John Bloner Jr.


Bloner Jr.

“Hey, Mom, look at me!”

How many readers have shouted this phrase as a child when climbing, swinging, dancing or playing a sport? How many of us spend our lives asking others to pay attention to us?

“The United States has one of the most individualistic cultures in the world,” writes Ava Rosenbaum for Brown Political Review. This characterization goes beyond the lone human being, however. It infects business and organizational culture, too. From the social media hashtag to the multi-million dollar ad campaign, everyone is crying out, “I am the best, brightest and most capable. Pay attention to me!”

In this environment, Kenosha Community Media is an anomaly. Rather than encouraging people to pay attention to us, we shine a light on others. Recently, we have been working with the Hope Council on Alcohol & Other Drugs, Kindred Kitties and the Mary Lou & Arthur F. Mahone Fund in order to share their mission, celebrate their triumphs and encourage you to help these nonprofit organizations.

For 50 years, the Hope Council has strived to reduce the impact of alcohol and drug abuse through its education, prevention, intervention and referral services. For their anniversary, we recorded interviews with Hope Council advocates to document their half-century of work. We’ll be sharing it on our cable and streaming channels this summer. Learn more at

We visited Kindred Kitties, a non-profit, no-kill cat-rescue organization and are eager to share our knowledge with you. At Kindred Kitties, they manage foster care and welcome adoption of cats/kittens.

Their goodwill is challenged, however, by poor conditions at their adoption center. We’re working with them to bring awareness of their plight. Find out more at

You may know of the HarborPark Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival, taking place Aug. 17. (If not, you’re in for a treat.) It’s not all about the music, however, for the Mahone Fund, the event’s host. We enjoy working with them, not only for the fellowship, but because we support their mission of helping youth and communities of color. We hope you can join them at this year’s festival for music, food, arts and craft, and fun. You’ll be helping many people in need at the same time. Get to know them at

These are a few examples of how Kenosha Community Media works with fellow nonprofit organizations. In the past few months, we’ve also worked with the Chamber of Commerce, Kenosha Public Library, Downtown Kenosha Inc., get bEHIND the aRTS and Kenosha Literacy Council to bring their events to a wider audience. Would you like KCM to place its spotlight on your group? Give us a call at 262-656-8497 or send us an email at

John Bloner Jr. is the executive director of Kenosha Community Media Inc.