Ben Abrahamson, Bradford — Today’s Teen

Benjamin Abrahamson

Bradford High School

Parent: Chris Ehrich

Most memorable high school moment: My most memorable high school moment would be when I went to my first Key Club District Convention.

Most influential teacher: Bryan Summerfield

Class taught: AP Psychology

Please explain why: Mr. Summerfield’s AP Psychology class helped play an important role in my high school career, and even shaped my career path. The class itself was a place where I found the course material the most interesting, and was able to discuss an array of topics about the world. Mr. Summerfield would help us to engage deeper into the material by facilitating conversations and debates with my fellow classmates. It was these discussions that helped to really influence my perspectives. Mr. Summerfield also helped to make the class more interesting. Every day when I came to class, he always had a smile on his face and a positive outlook on the day to come. He had an ability to engage the attention of his students, and myself, and created a place for everyone to prosper in their academics. As the year was winding down, Mr. Summerfield allowed us to research a topic of psychology that interested us the most. It was in this assignment that I learned more about my speech disorder, and the love I had for teaching others about it. I had the opportunity to inform my classmates about the topic of speech disorders, and discovered that speech pathology would become my profession of choice. Mr. Summerfield helped to create a safe space for everyone to learn more about the world, but also ourselves and the ways we think and act. He made the class fun and facilitated the expansion of knowledge into our everyday lives, which is something I will never forget.

School activities/clubs: Art Club, Key Club, Link Crew, National Honor Society, peer helpers/tutors

School offices held: Key Club vice president; lieutenant governor of Division One; executive lieutenant governor

Honors, letters or awards: Academic letter; Distinguished Key Club Vice President; Commitment to Key Club Service Award; Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor’s Award; 4 Pillars Award; Academic Honor Roll

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: Volunteerism, art, music, writing

College choice: University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, Minneapolis

Intended major/field of study: Biology; speech pathology and audiology

Role model: Kathy Gillis

Three words that best describe my role model: Passionate, caring, kind-hearted

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: I hope to become a mentor for children with speech disorders.