Bianca Gonzalez TREMPER - TODAY'S TEEN


First and last name: Bianca Gonzalez

School : Tremper High School

Parents: Angel and Laura Gonzalez

Most memorable high school moment: Being the assistant director for “Living Out.” That was such an amazing experience filled with an amazing cast and crew. I am incredibly lucky to have gotten the experience of assistant directing.

Most influential teacher: Nic Cicerale

Class taught: Acting

Please explain why: He has helped me to come to the realization that theater is and will be a big part of my life. Without him and his guidance I do not know where I would be or I would even get to express myself the way I do when acting.

School activities/clubs: Drama Club, performing arts/theater, stage crew

School offices held: Public relations officer of Drama Club

Honors, letters or awards: I graduated with honors distinction and community service hour distinction. I have also received an award in theater for best female in a minor supporting role

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: I love to sing, draw and watch movies as well as TV shows.

College choice: University of Wisconsin-Parkside

Intended major/field of study: Theater arts

Role model: My sister and parents

Three words that best describe my role model: Strong, faithful, driven

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: I hope to be in a career I love filled with co-workers who I laugh and work well with. I would like to, in the far future, have a family of my own and a dog or two.