Edelmar Morales-Rivera INDIAN TRAIL - TODAY'S TEEN

Edelmar Morales-Rivera INDIAN TRAIL — TODAY’S TEEN

Edelmar Morales-Rivera

Indian Trail High School and Academy

Nickname: Ed

Parents: Hector Ruiz and Olga Rivera

Most memorable high school moment: All the moments where I’ve said a crazy idea in class that created the whole class to laugh hysterically together because of how obscure my comment was.

Most influential teacher: Amy Jacob

Class taught: Accelerated Chemistry, Lab Techniques and Equipment

Please explain why: Created the foundation of what it means to be in high school into translating the experience toward your future endeavors after it all ends.

School activities/clubs: Badger Boys/Girls State, Key Club, Science Olympiad, National Honor Society, orchestra

Other school activities: Chamber Orchestra; Pit Orchestra; Solo and Ensemble Participant

School athletics: Basketball, football, track, volleyball

Honors, letters or awards: Honor Roll; Most Athletic MedSci Student award; Most Blocks in a season for volleyball, WIAA; Freshman MVP award in basketball; more than a 100 hours of Volunteer Service.

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: Club Volleyball; video gamer; private violin lessons; knitting; read books; volunteer to things; learn facts.

College choice: Carthage College, Kenosha

Intended major/field of study: Human biology; minor in music/Spanish

Role model: Eric Thomas

Three words that best describe my role model: Motivational, heartfelt, monumental

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: What I want to accomplish in life is to help people when the going gets tough. Through medical research in solving tragic diseases, playing music for many people to hear, or to become a person in the society that anyone can come to love. The mark that I want to leave on this Earth is to create positive outlooks and happiness through memories.