Omar Garza, Bradford — Today’s Teen

First and last name:

Omar Garza

School :

Bradford High School

Nickname :

Gender :



Home phone :

Cell phone :

(262) 331-7067

Father’s name :

Mother’s name:


5126 28th ave



Zip Code:


Most memorable high school moment:

My most memorable High School moment was when I met my friend that would help me out through High School. We met our first day of Freshman year, it was lunch time and she was lost, she asked me where a certain classroom was, but since I was also a freshman I told her that I didn’t know either. We have been friends ever since and joke around once in a while saying “Why didn’t I just walk away?”

Most influential teacher:

Gary Vargas

Class taught:

Student Liaison

Please explain why:

Gary Vargas is not a teacher exactly but he is a big part of my life during High School because no matter what happened, I could always go to him and talk to him about it and he would give me advice that would really help me. When I was slipping in school he would always help me get back on track. I don’t think that I could have gotten through High School without him. Thank You Gary.

School activities/clubs (click only those activities/clubs in which you were most active):

Link Crew

Other school activities:

Latinos Sin Fronteras

School athletics (click only those sports in which you were most active):

Other school athletics:

School offices held:

Honors, letters or awards:

Student of the Month

Out-of-school activities/hobbies:

College choice:

Carthage College

City and state of college:

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Intended major/field of study:


Role model:

Dean Hervat

Three words that best describe my role model:

Amazing, Caring, Funny

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime (medical cure, fame, etc.):

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime is to become rich and famous. When I do, I want to help out the world by donating to charities, and maybe even start my own Charities that people can donate to.