Eric Taylor, Christian Life — Today’s Teen

Eric Taylor

Christian Life High School

Parents: Joseph and Linda Taylor of Pleasant Prairie

Most memorable high school moment: I went to Paris, France, on an educational trip with my French teacher, who happens to be my mother, and other students in the school. Not only did my French improve, but my understanding of the French culture and history improved as well. I plan to return this year on spring break to continue to explore Paris and learn the language and culture. Going on the trip has strengthened my passion for the French language, culture, and people.

Most influential teacher: Mr. Ramon Flores

Class taught: AP Computer Science

Please explain why: Mr. Flores has taught me fascinating aspects of computer science, but has also taught me life skills. His dedication and care for the students has inspired me to show that same dedication and care to all. He has been a model to me displaying what a man should look like.

School activities/clubs: International Club, jazz band, mock trial, National Honor Society, pep band

School athletics: golf, soccer, wrestling

School offices held: National Honor Society Vice President

Honors, letters or awards: Soccer defensive MVP; Gold Presidential Award; Daughters of the American Revolution Nominee: Honor Roll four years

Out-of-school activities/hobbies: The Many Hands Project; youth group; guitar; church volunteer set-up team; work to pay for trips to Paris, France

College choice: Carthage College in Kenosha or Trinity International University in Deerfield, Ill.

Intended major/field of study: Undecided

Role model: Mr. Josh Caputo

Three words that best describe my role model: Understanding, strong character, passionate

What I hope to accomplish in my lifetime: I want to make the lives of others better. I do not know how, but I do know that I just want to help others.