The Kenosha Art Association’s annual Spring Art Event is Saturday (May 11) at Kenosha Creative Space, 624 57th St.

Area artists of all ages are invited to exhibit their work. Admission to the public is free, and everyone is welcome.

From noon to 1 p.m., artwork will be checked in and set up. A reception, judging of the artwork and voting is 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.

At 1:30 p.m., sculpture artist Brady Lueck will give a presentation.

Awards will be given at 2:15 p.m.

Lueck is a Burlington-based metal sculptor who focuses on welded steel as a direct metal art medium.

Although he wanted to be an artist since he was in middle school, he “never figured a life as a professional artist was very viable.”

Instead, he studied Spanish and public relations in college.

Even while he was working in business, he “would regularly sketch sculpture ideas in the margins of notebooks during project meetings.”

In 1999, after returning from a long-term overseas management assignment in Thailand, Lueck entered a welding program at a local technical college. “It was important to me to become a skilled welder before launching into a sculpture career,” he said. “I spent two years learning the trade and exploring welded steel as an art medium. It is with this confidence in my technical skills that I can tackle challenges of large structural art projects.”

He uses many unconventional approaches to texture the sculpture surfaces. As a result, surface welds and other non-critical welds are often subjected to artistic license.

He does a lot of wildlife themes and said he gets “many of my ideas from observing nature. I also do a lot of whimsical themes, and I have a special interest in dragons and dinosaurs.”

Lueck invests considerable effort planning each composition. This project engineering is important so that each piece serves not only the elements of design but is also functional and structurally sound.

In the “Artist Statement” on his website (, Lueck says of his work: “I believe that art should elevate human achievement and communicate the rational nature of mankind. My focus is to create work that tells a story and uplifts people in the spirit of Romanticism. My objective is to create work that inspires and engages the viewer. Each work is understood and appreciated by artists, welders and people not commonly drawn to the art world.”

The art competition has two categories: adult or children’s artworks. Note: Artwork must be carried to and from the event by the artist. Spaces are limited, and advance registration is encouraged. To register artwork ($5 for adults, $1 for children), call the KAA at 262-654-0065 or send an email to