Now that we’re starting August, you may be looking for a quiet place to spread out a towel and soak up some rays (while wearing sunscreen, of course!).

Or maybe you just want to introduce your kids to the glories of lake swimming or know where to find something called a “Wibit.”

Lucky for us, there are plenty of spots where you can enjoy a day at the beach.

But which lake? Local beachcombers have a variety of choices, from big beaches on big Lake Michigan to smaller inland lakes in the western part of the county.

If you’re looking for a place in the sun, this guide can help you decide which spot works best for you. Keep in mind, there are no bad beaches (well ... maybe a few), just bad choices.

Lake Michigan beaches

Simmons Island Beach: 5001 Simmons Island Drive.

This large beach has a lot to recommend it — with LARGE being its biggest asset. You have plenty of room to spread your beach towel and, for swimming space, you can’t beat Lake Michigan.

Warning: Be careful out there! Stick close to the shore and NEVER jump off that lighthouse pier. Lake Michigan is beautiful, but it can also be dangerous and an undertow can overpower even the strongest swimmers. Repeat: Be VERY careful; this is an inland sea with serious waves and currents. Plus, the cold water can literally take your breath away.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: Simmons Island Beach has that iconic Kenosha view of our red lighthouse.

Also good: A boardwalk! And we’re nowhere near Coney Island! Using the boardwalk, you can walk from the beach parking lot most of the way to the lighthouse pier without having to trudge through hot sand. I’d love it if the boardwalk was extended even farther north and south, but it’s a good start.

I also like the beach grasses growing on either side of the boardwalk. I can pretend I’m at the Outer Banks ... until I see the Kenosha water tower looming in the background. Still, it adds a nice “beachy” vibe to the area.

Play on: The beach volleyball area is popular, and we saw a new nautical-themed jungle gym on the north end next to the expanded parking lot.

Needs work: The Simmons Island beach house remains mostly boarded up, and some of the concrete pillars on the beach side are crumbling. That’s a real shame. If this beauty is ever restored to its former glory, it would become a real asset to the area.

Hold on: When we visited Simmons Island Saturday, the restrooms in the beach house were closed. The city engineers say the restrooms will be open again starting Friday, which is good because Downtown Kenosha’s Simmons Island Beach Party kicks off Aug. 8.

Pennoyer Park Beach: 3601 Seventh Ave.

This beach is adjacent to the band shell at the south end of Kennedy Park Drive.

Warning: If you want to sit here and enjoy the sunshine, or stroll along the water’s edge, that’s fine. But please DO NOT swim here. It’s much too dangerous. The Pike River feeds into Lake Michigan here, and that area at the mouth of the river — with swirling currents and a strong undertow — is a constant drowning threat. There are safer places to swim in Lake Michigan.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: There are indoor restrooms and nearby tennis courts. And the band shell hosts concerts and other events.

Southport Beach: 7825 First Ave.

This Lake Michigan swimming spot is located on the north side of the beach house. There are swing sets on a hill.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: The park area overlooking Lake Michigan is wonderful for walking or just sitting, catching a breeze and watching the boats go by.

Needs work: It does tend to stink of rotting fish here when the weather gets hot and the wind isn’t blowing. Also, there are no indoor restrooms open to the public — unless you sneak in during a private event when the doors are left open. (If you can’t get inside the building, there’s a porta-potty in the parking lot. Talk about a stink!)

Needs work II: Like its sister beach house on Simmons Island, the Southport Beach House is in need of a makeover. The interior does host weddings and other events, but if you walk to the east side, facing the lake, you’ll find boarded up windows and doors and peeling paint. It’s a real shame.

Eichelman Park Beach: 6125 Third Ave.

This city beach has lots of shade, picnic tables and plenty of benches. There is also a restroom and drinking fountain.

Note: No lifeguards.

Warning: Though this swim area is more protected than other Lake Michigan beaches, there was a fatal drowning there recently. Be VERY careful whenever you’re in Lake Michigan.

Top choice: The twin parks — Eichelman and Wolfenbuttel — are close to downtown shops, restaurants and bars — plus you can’t beat a stroll through the flower gardens. If you’re there on a weekend, chances are you’ll get to watch a wedding ceremony. Nearby, the boats in the Southport Marina offer a beautiful backdrop to a lakefront stroll.

Bonus: This beach has its own cannon, facing south in case Illinois decides to invade.

Needs work: The bottom of the swimming area is very rocky. Make sure to pack aqua shoes or sport sandals.

Carol Beach public beach: South of 100th Street on Lakeshore Drive in Pleasant Prairie. (From the north, take 90th Street east from Seventh Avenue to the lake and head south on Lakeshore Drive to 108th Street. From the south, enter Carol Beach Estates at 116th Street and head east.)

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: It’s a long beach that stretches along the greatest of the Great Lakes. Also, the crashing waves are fun to watch.

Needs work: The parking lots are not paved and are often filled with deep puddles. Also, the only restroom here is a lone porta-potty next to the road.

Needs work II: It would be great if the village of Pleasant Prairie would develop this area into a real beach, but don’t hold your breath waiting. At a 2018 Park Commission meeting about a proposal for a 4.5-acre park with amenities such as a concessions stand, restrooms, showers and a picnic area along Lakeshore Drive, about 50 residents of that area turned out to voice their opposition to any such improvements.

Kenosha County beaches

Lake Andrea: Highway 165 in Pleasant Prairie.

The large, sandy beach has picnic tables, a beach volleyball court, restrooms and a concession stand. You can also rent canoes, kayaks and various boats. All in all, you can’t go wrong spending a day here.

Top choice: If you like well cared-for sand, this is the beach for you. You won’t find sticks, rocks and goose droppings here; you can tell it is regularly groomed.

Also good: The swimming area has a clean, sandy bottom (with NO WEEDS) that is easy on the feet.

The Wibit! The “Wibit” floating obstacle course/raft water attraction — very popular with kids (and adults) — is back for another season, along with its neighboring swimming platform. That platform, where Wibit fans wait for their turn on the obstacle course, features a diving board, too, so you can work on your swan dive.

Needs work: It’s not cheap to spend an afternoon here. Daily admission fees are $7 per person for Kenosha County residents. That’s the same price for someone driving in from ... Illinois! If you want a price break, you must be a Pleasant Prairie — not Kenosha County — resident. Can’t we get the neighbor discount? We’re all in the same county! The only way to get in for free is to be a RecPlex member.

Take a hike: Tired of the beach? Hit the trail! The Ponderosa Pit Trail System has a trailhead just west of the beach pavilion building. Before walking at this time of year, however, it’s a good idea to use bug spray.

Old Settlers Park: on Highway 50 in Paddock Lake.

This pretty park has lots and lots of shade trees, ample parking and plenty of picnic tables and grills. It also has restrooms and changing areas.

Top choice: There is a small sand beach with a good-sized swimming area and a large grassy area — with shade! — in the park. Also, it’s free most days (unless there are lifeguards present, which only happens on weekends and not on the Saturday we visited).

Bonus: There’s a dog park next to the beach, so the whole family can find something fun to do.

Looking ahead: The park’s popular Oktoberfest celebration is Sept. 14. I can already hear the oom-pah-pah bands ...

Silver Lake Park: on County Road F in the town of Salem.

This is probably the most popular beach in Kenosha County. There’s a big grassy area, with picnic tables and grills, swing sets, a softball diamond and a volleyball court.

The swimming area is very large, with shallow water. The bottom of the swimming area is generally sandy and not too “yucky.”

There are concessions, restrooms and changing areas.

Top choice: Lots of green space, lots of amenities, lots of water.

Also good: Want to go for a walk? A quarter-mile long paved path leads out from the far end of the park area to the Silver Lake boat launch, following the lakeshore. There are also mountain biking trails here and an 18-hole disc golf course. Something for everyone!

Needs work: The beach area is rocky, not sandy. I suggest staying on the grass to avoid all those sharp little rocks on your tender feet.

Paddle up: You can rent kayaks and paddleboards at the beach ($15 for the first hour and $5 for each additional hour).

Say it isn’t so! The concession stand — a summer tradition — is missing in action. Now where can I enjoy a SpongeBob popsicle? A lifeguard said he’s been getting questions about the concessions, which also included burgers, pizza and other items, every day. He said the vendor retired but promises a new concession operator for 202. Until then, pack your own food and avoid begging from the folks on the next beach towel.

DeWitt Park: on Highway B in Silver Lake.

This small city beach in Silver Lake has a swing set, a portable restroom and a few benches. Kids like swimming here because they can use toys in the water.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: It’s free, and you can use water toys at this beach. Bring on the noodles!

Needs work: The swimming area has a lot of weeds, and the bottom is “mucky.”

Warning: There’s no parking lot; you have to find a spot across the street. And that can be difficult on a busy weekend.

Bonus: If you stop here, you can eat at Scully’s Silver Lake Grill, located just across the street.

Lance Park: on Lake Mary in Twin Lakes.

This beach has a big swimming area, ample parking, plus a picnic area with shade trees and two picnic tables. And it’s free.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice? There are clean indoor restrooms in a building just west of the beach area. BUT when we visited on a busy Saturday, the doors were locked! That’s not cool.

Needs work: The beach area is rocky and covered with seaweed. (Stick to the grass, but watch out for goose droppings!)

Ouch: The bottom of the swimming area is VERY rocky (always wear aqua shoes or sport sandals).

Warning: The swimming area is next to a busy boat launch. Not only do you need to steer clear of the boats, you also have to breathe in engine fumes.

Bonus: Forgot to pack a beach book? The world’s cutest Little Library is at the beach. (Look for the Cat in the Hat.) When we visited, however, it was in need of books, so throw a fun beach book into your bag and leave it for someone to enjoy.

Bonus II: You can watch the Aquanuts Water Ski shows, which are 6 p.m. Wednesdays and Saturdays from this area. The shows are free.

Lily Lake: on Lily Lake Road in the town of Wheatland.

This beach has a large swimming area. There is parking across the street.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: There’s a pier for jumping into the lake, and you can bring water toys.

Needs work: Weeds, weeds, weeds!

Powers Lake: on Lake Park Drive in the town of Randall.

This nice little beach has a good-sized swimming area. There is one porta-potty at the beach. Beach toys and rafts can be used.

Note: No lifeguards.

Top choice: The beach is nicely groomed, with nearby shade trees.

Needs work: There are — in theory — two sides to the swimming area, but in reality, you have to stay to the one side of the pier. The other side is choked with weeds.

Needs work II: What? No hot dogs? One of the rules is “no grilling,” prompting my husband, Rex, to remark — as he enjoyed the shade of the gazebo — “If you could grill, this would be the perfect place to spend a day.”

Warning: The parking lot fills up quickly on weekends, and parking outside the lot is scarce.