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Live Ade: Kenoshan performing Monday night on "The Voice"

Live Ade: Kenoshan performing Monday night on "The Voice"


Betsy Ade swears she’s not doing it on purpose.

But she’s certainly making “The Voice” exciting.

Since she’s been on the NBC singing competition show, Ade — a 40-year-old substitute teacher and singer with the band Well-Known Strangers — has worked with three of the show’s celebrity coaches.

On the show, the coaches pick singers for their “team.”

After being selected first by John Legend and then “saved” by Kelly Clarkson, Ade is now on Team Adam, working with singer Adam Levine after yet another on-air save. (Each coach can steal and/or save a singer who would have been eliminated from the show.)

When we talked with the Kenosha singer on the phone Wednesday, she was busy in Los Angeles, getting ready to perform Monday night as part of the show’s Top 24. All of the show’s remaining singers will perform. The public then votes for their favorites, and the top eight move on to the next round.

Life on Team Adam “is grand,” she said. “Life is great. I think this is a really good fit for me.”

Working with Levine, she said, “is very efficient. He says what he feels; he’s a no-baloney kind of dude with awesome energy. We connected right away and had a good time working together.”

When asked if she’s trying to bring excitement to “The Voice” through these last-second saves, Ade laughed and insisted, “I’m not trying to any of that! I really want to win one of these things. I’m fighting as hard as I can and doing what I can do. It’s a gift when a coach saves you.”

Ade and her new coach Levine bonded over hair — Levine’s fellow coaches needle him about his mohawk style, but he told Ade: “I think we’ll work well together; we have the same haircut.”

They also have the same love for music, she said. “When we’re working on music together, it’s just like talking music with anyone I’d meet back home. He’s down to earth, and it’s effortless to work with him.”

Singing live on TV

Ade is becoming a veteran TV performer, having sung three times on “The Voice.”

“Each performance is different,” she said. “The first one is a blur, but you do get more comfortable on stage the more you do it.”

Look for Ade to become more of a “free-range singer” Monday night. The performers will have more room to wander off the stage.

She can’t tell us what song she’s singing Monday, but it’s something she’s never performed before.

No matter what happens on Monday, Ade said her time on “The Voice” is already a success.

“I feel like I have learned so much,” she said. “It sounds so silly and cliche, but you really do learn how to deal with the pressure and be a professional and work with other people on this show. Anything going forward is a cherry on top.”

“I want to see where this takes my career,” she said, adding that her fellow band memebers in Well-Known Strangers “are going through this with me. They know this is the chance of a lifetime”

One important detail she’s learned is that, during a live, two-hour TV show, there is no time for bathroom breaks. “They tell us to monitor our liquids all day,” she said, laughing.

“This whole experience is an experience of a lifetime. I can’t wait to share everything with everyone back home when it’s over.”


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