I think we all learned a few things watching the Academy Awards Sunday night:

I guess awards show don’t need a host.

If you can get Adam Lambert and Queen to open your show, no one will even miss that opening monologue. (Queen’s performance got the show off to a rousing start, with the audience members clapping and singing along.)

Somewhere, Peter Farrelly is still reading off that list of names! I know the writer/director was excited his movie “Green Book” won Best Picture, but he was on the podium twice (he was also a winner for Best Original Screenplay) and insisted on reading off a seemingly endless list of names. Both times! It made me wish the play-off music would drown him out. The only place a list that long is acceptable is the grocery store.

Other observations from my couch:

The trifecta: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph kicked off the award-giving with a sorta monologue, all the while insisting “we are NOT your hosts.” So for all those folks who have wanted Fey and Poehler to host the Oscars, there you go.

Dress of the night: In a theater filled with gorgeous and outlandish looks, the red vinyl-topped number worn by Rachel Weisz, sitting next to James Bond (aka Daniel Craig, her husband), stood out.

Yes, it’s real: Lady Gaga wore a 128-carat diamond necklace featuring a 141-year old Tiffany diamond, dubbed “one of the largest yellow diamonds in the world.” It is worth more than $30 million, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The 128.54 carat gemstone (yes you read that right) was last worn more than 50 years ago by Audrey Hepburn during a publicity photo shoot for the 1961 film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”

Commercial breaks: The Oscars, like the Super Bowl, feature cool ads made just for this show. You need to time those bathroom breaks carefully!

Best Supporting Actor goes to … the bunny puppet that was part of Melissa McCarthy’s “The Favourite” costume, which she wore while presenting the Best Costume Award. (Bonus: She now has a way cool Halloween costume.) If you didn’t get the joke, she’s dressed like Queen Anne of “The Favourite,” who had several pet rabbits.

”Whiskey Cavalier”: I don’t know if the new ABC show will be any good, but the promos sure are fun. They aired as phony ads for exotic getaways.

Stop stealing our awards! Brits and Mexicans were busy scooping up our American Academy Awards Sunday night. Do we need to declare a national emergency?

Making an entrance: Keegan Michael Key dropped in from the ceiling Mary Poppins-style (magical umbrella and all) to introduce the nominated song from that film.

”Wayne’s World 3”: It’s gotta happen, right? After seeing Mike Myers and Dana Carvey together on stage, the world is ready for it.

I am woman, hear me roar: And watch me win an Oscar. A record number of women won Oscars Sunday night. Wasn’t that cool?

Family ties: Spike Lee, accepting his screenwriting Oscar, said his grandmother saved 50 years of Social Security checks to put him through college and film school. Now that story would make a great movie!

Mother’s Day: The No. 1 person thanked from the Oscar stage? Mom. Isn’t that sweet?

Close … but no cigar! In the night’s most shocking result, Glenn Close loses again. The veteran actress, who had won several awards leading up to the Academy Awards, just can’t go home with Oscar. She’s now 0 for 7 at the Academy Awards. (Winner Olivia Colman for “The Favourite” is a wonderful actress, but this was Close’s award to win.)

Sorry, Kermit: At the Oscars this year, it was easy being green. The movie “Green Book,” a “Driving Miss Daisy” for this age, scores a mild upset over “Roma” to win Best Picture.

That wraps up this year’s Oscars though, as I said at the top of this column, two-time Oscar winner Peter Farrelly is, no doubt, still thanking people.

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