Fusion Fest

Pat Garrett, seen playing at a past Fusion Fest, is performing Saturday night at Lily Lake Resort in Wheatland.

People in Racine — where I am from — are always surprised when I tell them how much live music is happening nearly every single weekend in Kenosha. Multi-band shows, touring acts, several different genres and excellent quality, all within a short drive, if not right in our own backyard are the norm, not the exception. It’s one of the things that separates us from so many less fortunate cities across the country. Get out and experience some of this.

A fine example of one of those shows just a short drive away is happening Saturday when The Hoedown returns to Lily Lake Resort, 7910 328th Ave. in Wheatland. This is one of the more rootsy events and it has become one of those shows that folks look forward to. Three acts will take the stage at the all-ages-concert and it only costs you five bucks. Acts performing are Pat Garrett and The Outlaws, Empty Bottle Boys and One Shot Jane and KR Bluegrass. Lily Lake Resort has a full bar and restaurant. If any attendees are underage they must be accompanied by an adult for the outdoor stage. The indoor stage starts at midnight so the kiddees should be in their rooms by then. Have fun and drive safely if you don’t stay overnight.

The Hoedown starts 5 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 15) at Lily Lake Resort, 7910 328th Ave. in Wheatland. It is an all-ages-event.

Swing Fandango

I was very excited to see that the excellent Swing Fandango was booked Saturday at the Kenosha Yacht Club. Acoustic string, trumpet and drums allow the band to nail a Parisian café sound. However, due to some other things happening, there will be some substitutions. Dave Ramey will be filling in for Yves Francois. Bruce Mak, Joe Olson and Todd Greene will also be filling in. So this will make it more of a Dave Ramey and the Lawn Clippings gig which is still quite good.

Dave Ramey and friends perform Saturday (Sept. 15) at Kenosha Yacht Club, 5130 Fourth Ave.

Champagne Jerry

Kelly Mackay and Public Craft Brewing have booked another great show. Champagne Jerry will perform at the downtown brewpub Saturday with local openers Ghost Machines. Champagne Jerry — aka Neal Medlyn — has been hailed by several top publications as one of New York City’s finest — and weirdest — underground rappers. Champagne Jerry’s wild stage shows have been said to veer between comedic sexuality, tales of being an East Texas screw-up and weird skits. Kind of like if Kanye West rapped about driving a Chevette and taking Lamaze classes. Medlyn has been known to tell audiences that “all of their dreams will come true. Well, not all of them, but one. Maybe two.” Ghost Machines is the super yummy electronica/hip-hop creation of Justin Misch and Korye Champion. Both acts are well worth your time. Bring some cash to buy merch and keep these acts going. When you support touring bands like Champagne Jerry, they come back, and other touring bands come here and our locals get the possible chance of performing in these bands’ home cities. Hey, everyone wins.

Champagne Jerry with Ghost Machines perform 9 p.m. Saturday (Sept. 15) at Public Craft Brewing, 716 58th St.

Rhythm de Vie

I somehow got a little out of order here but you’re probably used to that by now. How does Live Jazz Music and Wine Night sound to you? Well, for those who think that sounds great, I’m with you. Alpaca Arts will be hosting said event Friday and Saturday with a performance by Rhythm de Vie Friday. It is a relatively early night, starting at 7:30 p.m. and running to around 10:30 p.m. Rhythm de Vie is a jazz band playing mostly 1930’s era jazz with an emphasis on the repertoire of Django Reinhardt and Jazz Manouche or Gypsy Jazz. It’s technically awesome and goes well with a nice pinot noir. After all. It is the Rhythm of Life.

Rhythm de Vie performs 7:30 p.m. Friday (Sept. 14) at Alpaca Arts, 4326 Seventh Ave.

Watch on YouTube!

Are you agoraphobic or just don’t feel like leaving the house for a concert? Do you still want to know what is going on music-wise with both local acts and touring acts? Well, Jess the Ska Kid is there to help you. More precisely, she is at jesstheskakid.com with Thursday performances and interviews with a variety of bands — not just ska. She is also on YouTube under the same name jesstheskakid. The profiled band today is local Dropping Daisies. They will be doing a live performance followed by an interview. To watch the show live, go to Facebook/Jesstheskakid. You must like and follow the page to get the notification they are live. If you miss the live show, you can catch it the next day on YouTube.

That’s it for this week. Please send me your new songs, gig calendars or whatever you’ve got. That goes for the club owners as well.

Email me at pjfineran@gmail.com or drop something off at the Kenosha News marked to my attention.