The Thin Man stars

William Powell, left, Asta and Myrna Loy pose for a publicity photo for the “Thin Man” movies.

The award-winning WGTD Radio Theater will broadcast two well-known detective series — “The Thin Man,” with Nick and Nora Charles, and “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar” — on Saturday (May 11) in the Southwest Library.

The show will be broadcast live before a studio audience at the library, 7979 38th Ave.

This is the second of three broadcasts this season at the Southwest Library, said Steve Brown, the show’s co-producer and co-writer.

“The Thin Man,” based on Dashiell Hammett’s novels, follows Nick and Nora Charles as they solve mysteries “and charm the world,” Brown said.

Nick (portrayed by Joe Van Hulle) is a retired private investigator who is accompanied by his gorgeous, rich wife Nora, played by Susan Lien. Even Asta, their wirehaired fox terrier, helps solve some crimes in his own special way.

The dialogue runs at a clipped pace, Brown said. “There is a lot of smart banter, the most obvious between Nick and Nora. Nora, having grown weary of her silver-spoon existence, is fascinated by the world of private investigation. It seems to thrill her, even though Nick is not quite so enthralled by it.”

“Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” starring 91.1 Players actor Larry Rowe, always begins with a phone call from an insurance executive, calling on Johnny to investigate an unusual claim.

Each story was recounted in flashback, as Johnny listed each line item from his expense account. The episodes generally finished with Johnny tallying up his account and traveling back to Hartford, Conn., where he was based, Brown said.

“Since our theme for this season is detective stories, there are no better choices for this broadcast than to have a mash-up of Nora and Nick Charles along with Johnny Dollar,” Brown said. “One of the major elements Mike Ullstrup, my co-writer, and I have tried to bring to ‘The Thin Man’ script is the culmination of the comedy and detective-mystery style that Nick and Nora Charles brought to the airwaves.” ‘

Regarding “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar,” Brown said, “Johnny Dollar was always known for his fast-paced, no-nonsense delivery of dialogue. That’s what our audience will get with Larry Rowe as Johnny. And as a side-note, Larry is very accurate with his expense account receipts.”

The 91.1 Players troupe also include Mike Bavido, Rene Bushelle, Siegfried Christoph, Viki DuMez, Todd Eaves, Brett Houdek, Susan Lien and Kathy Zuhlke.

DuMez will direct this show and, as always, the live sound effects are performed by Barbara Tylla.

The performance starts at 11:15 a.m. Saturday at the library; audience members should arrive 30 minutes before the show starts. In addition to being aired over WGTD-91.1 FM in Kenosha and Racine, 101.7 FM in Elkhorn and 103.3 FM in Lake Geneva, the program will also be streamed live online, at, and also on either an iPhone or Android app at WGTD FM.