SALEM LAKES — For $300 each, you can purchase the iconic “eye” windows used to transform Oakwood Manor in the former village of Silver Lake into the Amityville Horror house for the 2005 movie remake. They are among the items at the estate sale, which continues through Sunday.

Some people flocked to the grand Wohlford estate, which dates back four generations, to 1910, to buy a piece of history. Others simply wanted a glimpse into the mansion at 27618 Silver Lake Road, which is also for sale for $1.1 million.

“You only get to go on the porch,” said Peggy Lashley, of Mount Pleasant. “It is beautiful.”

Lashley said she did find a bunch of old medicine tins to add to her collection, as well as some metal bins and tubs.

The 3,548-square-foot Victorian-style home has its original wooden staircase and flooring, six bedrooms and two bathrooms. There are several drawing rooms, a dining room and sitting areas. The property also features a boat house with a gazebo and a one-lane bowling alley in a separate building.

The crowd was allowed in five at a time and cars lined Silver Lake Road for miles when the sale started at 9 a.m.

Snow White, of Twin Lakes, said just getting to see the 2,048-square-foot, wrap-around, enclosed porch with countless French windows that overlooks nearly 500 feet of lakefront, was worth the wait.

“I’ve been waiting 50 years for a chance to get a closer look,” White said, adding her father Edgar White would purposely drive past the estate on their way to Wisconsin from Libertyville, Ill., when she was a child.

She purchased a portrait of poppy flowers and an old wooden chair.

Mark Kramer, of Trevor, said he didn’t plan to buy anything.

“I’m just a fan of B movies,” Kramer said. “I plan to watch the movie again this weekend to see if I can pick out some of the things I saw.”

Nancy and George Wohlford said people have come to the door wanting to see the property where the movie was filmed. The production house spent about $60,000 to fit part of the house with a fake facade. It has since been returned to its original beauty.

“We have people stopping out here all the time wanting to see the house,” Nancy said.

The bed in which actor Ryan Reynolds shot a scene is for sale for $70 — though not clearly marked as such. The sale continues from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.