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Local couple delivering vegan meals to promote health

Local couple delivering vegan meals to promote health


Retired Salem resident Cheryl Argiewicz, 73, has health issues that make it hard to get out of the house to grocery shop, and she is not able to cook much more than a pork chop on her own.

“I can’t even lift the pot to make the soup or chop up the vegetables,” Argiewicz said.

In spite of these challenges, she enjoys healthy homemade meals every day of the week thanks to Sol D’Licious Kitchen’s meal delivery service.

Sol D’Licious is owned by Dama and Lamar Foster, who previously owned a restaurant by the same name near the Boys & Girls Club in Kenosha. The Fosters now deliver fresh vegan meals to a dozen people in the area every Sunday.

“You only get one body,” Dama Foster said. “You should take care of your insides like you do your outside appearance.”

Customers can choose to order five or 10 meals each week, and are offered a variety of choices, like roasted veggie bowls, vegan sloppy joes, gluten-free fettuccine and peas, kale salad, butternut squash soup and gluten-free mini pizzas with salad.

Argiewicz is not a vegan, but said the healthy food helps her manage her health conditions.

“It’s tasty, and (Dama) makes it the way I need to be eating,” she said.

Keisha Mull, 39, of Zion, Ill., is a vegan. She has been ordering meals from Sol D’Licious for three years after trying out five other vegan delivery services.

“I don’t have time to spend on healthy vegan cooking. I wanted amazing tasty food, high in nutrients, with a balanced portion size,” Mull said. “(Sol) is dependable, flexible. They listen to your needs, and they keep you healthy.”

Dama Foster said she uses unusual ingredients like liquid smoke and nutritional yeast to add “layered flavor” to the meals she makes. Most of the dishes are vegan takes on common American meals like fettuccine alfredo.

“The cuisine, I would say, is ‘Dama with a flair.’ I find inspiration on Instagram and YouTube. I don’t use measuring cups and I cook to taste,” she said.

Dama Foster said that some of her clients are facing serious health problems like cancer. Others are trying to lose weight, or are thinking of becoming vegetarians or vegans and don’t know where to start.

“Some don’t have the time to cook. Some don’t want to cook,” she said. “It’s great for those people. It’s about finding that balance of health.”

Sol D’Licious uses a commercial kitchen to prepare the meals on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The food is delivered in microwavable containers to homes within a 25-mile radius of Kenosha every Sunday. Since there are no animal products, the food stays fresh all week. The cost of each meal is comparable to a restaurant dinner. They also offer three-day juice cleanse kits.

The Fosters feel strongly about educating others on the importance of a healthy diet.

“It makes us feel great to see people live and be healthy, and not be in pain. Especially if that pain is something preventable,” Lamar Foster said. “If you are mindful of your body, you will have a better outcome. If you are not healthy, you can’t do anything.”

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