COVID-19 times: Communion through a car window

COVID-19 times: Communion through a car window


Rev. Grace Cajiuat, pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church, was separated from her flock only by a car window.

She didn’t want to, but she was forced to do it, even happy to do it.

It was last Sunday as she passed communion wafers in a small plastic bag and grape juice in a lidded condiment cup to members of her congregation.

She echoed special greetings, separated safely by distance and those car and truck windows, she gave in blessing her flock on Easter morning a month ago.

Cajiuat was doing what she could to share communion, usually observed at the church the first Sunday of each month, with those wishing to drive up and receive it.

Church members received notice of the special opportunity as part of the church’s video service, emailed out to congregants at the end of each week.

“I consecrated the elements through a video, and they came to a drive[through blessing where they were also able to hand in their prayer requests and offerings,” she said. “We had to a ‘MacGyver’ bit when our order for a contained wafer and grape juice was on back order. The customer service person likened it to toilet paper demand.”

Cajiuat said she and her members are getting antsy to worship in person again and one member asked if they can have a service on the lawn, but she reminded her that the governor ordered no physical gatherings.

Since the shutdown, she has reached her members through email, and also posted worship services on YouTube, Vimeo, and Facebook.

“I am however, getting things ready for May 31, our supposed first physical gathering, which happens to be Pentecost,” she said. “Our members seem to have become closer and call on one another, text or email. We put prayer requests out through Messenger or Facebook in addition to emailed prayer requests.”


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