For Rev. Britt Windel and the others who are volunteering their time tomorrow for this year’s sixth annual ScatterDay event, they’re not doing it for any attention or notoriety.

It’s about doing God’s work and serving the community.

“We aren’t recreating any wheels, just trying to fuel up these organizations that are already doing great work,” said Windel. “Take the Shalom Center, we get to come in, feed, celebrate, encourage, sing with these folks and provide a meal and an experience beyond their normal day and help them see a brighter future that can be had with every step of their faithfulness.

“We keep our ears to the ground and listen to our family members who serve in the city as well. We all have passion points and we want to help connect that passion with the purpose of showing love and service to the City of Kenosha.”

Windel said two local churches taking part — The Tabernacle and Acts Church — understand the mission of ScatterDay and are pleased they can come together for the same purpose.

An idea to serve

“ScatterDay was birthed out of my wife Stacie and (my) heartbeat for showing in practical and tangible ways God’s love to our city by serving and coming alongside other organizations that do so much for our city,” he said. “We set out six years ago, even before the church began by taking one Sunday in the year to call all our people to gather to scatter into the City to show some love. Every year, it has grown from (the original) 30 to this year pulling in 235 as we have the two other churches that wanted to join in with us.”

The popularity of the community event grew beyond Kenosha as well. As a member of ARC, the Association of Related Churches, many other churches around the country are serving their communities tomorrow.

“This weekend, we are joined by 810 other churches in the country doing the very same thing,” said Windel. “Hundreds of thousands of people showing God’s love for their city as God has shown great love to them.”

Windel said he usually has 97 to 103 percent participation for the event, as many regular attendees will bring friends along to help.

“The only reason people might not be joining us is if they are out of town,” he said. “It is a part of who we are, it’s a part of our culture and value to sacrificially serve where we can. Where some churches or organizations get maybe 30-45 percent of their membership to help, we see all of our folks excited to show great love.”

When Windel and Stacie founded DayBreak Church, their idea was to bring new meaning to “service time” and serve the community. Stacie’s extensive background in not-for-profit ministry work prepared the couple to make DayBreak a service-oriented congregation.

Scatter to tackle projects

Those coming to help with ScatterDay will gather at DayBreak Church tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., break into crews at 9 a.m. and visit sites throughout the city to tackle various projects

“Crews are anywhere from 6-20 (people), depending on the sites and the work that is needed,” said Windel. “We have projects for all ages, from small children, who alongside their parents take treats and thank you (messages) to the police and fire stations. Folks will head to the nursing homes for games, yard clean up, school landscaping and touch up, city park clean up and beautification, worship service and picnic at the Shalom Center, and cookout and ice cream party at the Dayton, to name a few.”

Crews will serve at Washington Middle School, Shalom Center, Shalom Pantry, Dayton House, Gardin of Eatin, CareNet, Salvation Army, CrossRoads Care Center (formerly Hospitality Manor, the World Garden, Selah Freedom and Nifty Thrifty.

As a pastor, Windel said it is a joy to see volunteers capturing parts of the heart of God.

“We can preach and teach and encourage until we are blue in the face about people repenting of sins, following after Jesus in every area of their life, surrendering their life to God’s sovereign way, growing in love, hope, faith, mercy and service,” he said, adding, “But it’s not until you can actually taste and see that in action that you begin to realize they are growing and getting it. None of us have arrived and by God’s grace we’ll get there and grow ever more to be the people of God that He longs for us to be. I love it.”

Windel insists they are not unique in their quest to give back to the community that has given so much to them.

“There are amazing churches in this city who are doing way more than we have and could dare dream to do,” he said. “But we dream and push further, and we invite other churches that have this heartbeat and those who want their vision to grow in service like this. We are excited to simply help facilitate and watch what God will do for his glory and this city’s good.”

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