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Wearing the many hats of wife, mother, employee, maid, cook, caregiver and chauffeur, women are often pulled in a myriad of directions.

Living day to day with stress and pressure can erode the most important aspect of their lives, their relationship with God.

An upcoming retreat on April 13 at Kenosha Bible Church will help women take a day away from other priorities to focus on being the hands and feet of Christ and encourage each other as they grow in action-oriented faith.

The Abide Women’s Spring Day Retreat is designed for women to dig into what Scripture and the life of Christ speaks about abiding in him, explained Katie Hagen, Women’s Ministries director and coordinator for Abide.

“Often, we think of abiding as resting and cozying up with Jesus, where we come to him for peace and comfort, wisdom and direction for our lives. But, according to Scripture, we learn that abiding with Jesus means that and so much more,” she explained. “It means literally being attached, grafted to him, in a way that our lives remain in him with deep loving relationship and purpose for our lives.

“If we are to truly dwell with Jesus, we have to know him, find our daily purpose in him and discover what it means to truly walk with him in the joys and sorrows of life. To me, abiding in him is the most meaningfully, literally transforming journey that lasts a lifetime. We hope to gather women together to begin scratching the surface of what it means to abide with and in our savior, Jesus.”

While Kenosha Bible Church has hosted several women’s events in the past and offers regular Bible studies, this is the first time they are opening their doors to women in the community from other Christian faiths to attend Abide.

“It’s been so exciting to watch God bring the hearts and minds of all those involved together to create something special designed to connect and encourage women, deepen their walks of faith in daily life and provide opportunity to subsequently reach into the Kenosha community through service projects,” said Hagen.

Spending a day immersed in Scripture and focused on God’s many blessings offers much more than a day at the spa or a mini-vacation, as those experiences only last until they are over. Refreshment and rejuvenation and connecting with other like-minded women is important long-term for the soul, explained Hagen.

“A spring retreat like Abide plants seeds for new growth and true revival in the soul of a woman. It helps build bonds in a setting where both encouragement and accountability are available, and it teaches us how to bring renewed meaning back into our real lives,” she said. “God provides the power of his Holy Spirit to bear fruit from experiences like this far beyond the day of the event.”

The retreat will feature three workshop leaders: Faye Barker, who will speak on “The ‘G’s of Abiding in Christ,” Trudy Kinney on “The Roots of Abiding” and Linda Zoller on “Living a Changed Life.”

“Trudy, Faye and Linda are wonderful, experienced and gifted teachers involved in teaching, mentoring and ministering roles at Kenosha Bible Church,” said Hagen. “Each from different backgrounds and theological training institutes and programs, they all have a passion to share their hearts and knowledge with women to further spiritual growth and equip women with tools to walk their unique Christian walks as lights of Christ in the world around them.”

Cost for the retreat, which includes lunch and materials, is just $10. Hagen explained that they wanted to make the retreat affordable so as not to prevent any woman, age 18 or over, from attending due to costs. The women’s ministries budget will cover any of the other expenses for the retreat. In addition to the ministry’s budget allocation, Kenosha Bible Church is providing staff, materials and many volunteers to make the Abide Retreat happen.

Hagen is hopeful that God is preparing the hearts of all women attending to receive precisely what he has planned for them.

“It will be different for each individual’s unique life. God is faithful and knows just what we need. That may include opportunities to grow spiritually or in relationship with other women. It might mean receiving encouragement to press on in a hard situation or it could mean learning of an area of life that God is calling her to make changes for her good and his glory,” she said.

“But underlying it all, we want women to truly know they are loved unconditionally by their father in heaven and that he has a purpose for each one; a purpose that comes with knowing Jesus as Lord and savior and that comes with an eternal hope that cannot be found in this world. And, when we believe that, we begin on the journey of abiding in him daily.”

The retreat day will conclude with optional opportunities for women to take what they have learned into the Kenosha community and continue connecting with a cause.

“So many times, these special day experiences end abruptly and, soon after, the honeymoon is over,” explained Hagen. “That’s why we wanted to help women get a taste of applying what they have learned in special ways.”

If you go

What: Abide Women’s Spring Day Retreat

When: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, April 13

Where: Kenosha Bible Church, 5405 67th St.

Cost: $10; includes lunch and materials

Registration: Preferred by April 10. Walk-in registration permitted day of retreat from 7:45 to 8:15 a.m.

For more information and to register: Visit kenoshabible.org/abide or contact KatieHagen@kenoshabible.org.

Abide Shop

Along with this first-time spring day retreat at Kenosha Bible Church, the Abide Shop will be open during lunchtime. Take-home reminders of the day will be available, as well as important resources to offer additional teaching and support in the days following the event.