While Sunday mornings are often days to start out slowly, here’s a novel concept:

How about starting your day with some yoga, dance and meditation?

This Sunday, “A Gathering of Movement Arts” will offer sessions spanning the spectrum from deep breathing to high-energy hip hop. And all for the reasonable ticket price of $22.

Sponsored by the House of Nutrition, 5824 Sixth Ave., the event will be held in the grand ballroom of the Stella Hotel & Ballroom, 5706 Eighth Ave.

The concept is to introduce Kenoshans to different ways to get up and moving, says event organizer and House of Nutrition manager Kalli Hauter.

With one exception, Hauter procured instructors from the downtown area, collecting practitioners of yoga, martial arts, dance and meditation.

Christina Ptak, of Yoga & Friends, 5721 Sixth Ave., kicks things off at 8 a.m. with a presentation of Sridaiva, also known as bowspring yoga. A practitioner of yoga for 24 years, Ptak has been offering the bowspring form to students for six years. The form works to create a “rooted lightness” and mobility of the spine through yoga poses that preserve the natural curves of the back.

“Strength, balance and flexbility” will be showcased during the session, Ptak said.

“The idea is to get energy flowing and help participants understand how to move while protecting their joints and back,” she said.

With everyone warmed up, Ajay Singh Bedi will take the floor and lead a hip hop dance session. A dance instructor, choreographer and “experiential arts event planner,” Bedi lives his craft.

“One of my main purposes in life is dance,” he said. “My goal is to create more (dance) confidence in students,” he said. “I could care less if they learn the dance steps but what counts is if they go away a happier person from the experience.”

In his session, Bedi says he will “focus on musicality, rhythm and having a good time.” Of the four sessions, this will be the most high energy, he speculates.

After hip-hopping, participants can take their movement down a notch with tai chi and qi gong presented by Aaron Ritchie from the Kenosha Aikikai Martial Arts School, 5016 Sixth Ave.

“I’ll be showing people how to move while meditating and working with the breath,” he said.

Richie explained that the difference between qi gong and tai chi is that the former is done while standing and the latter done while walking. “Coordination of the breath with movement is part of both.”

“Slow gentle movement, done standing or walking, can help stimulate the immune system and help the body heal itself,” he said. These forms can mitigate conditions including stomach issues like Crohn’s disease, arthritis pain, fibromyalia, Parkinson’s disease and depression.

“I am excited to raise awareness of the (types of movement classes) out there and how people can then help themselves,” Richie said. “By doing movements we can live a longer, healthier life.”

Wrapping up the morning will be a session of meditative breathing led by Jessika Mikol of Spiral Space Yoga Gallery, 2050 Wisconsin Ave. (the DeKoven Center), Racine.

The founder of the Spiral Space and Yoga Roots, also of Racine, Mikol teaches yoga, sometimes suspended mid-air by straps and hammocks. At Spiral Space she offers “yoga, meditation and making stuff ... a place where a person can create and grow, and do whatever arts that move you,” she said.

For the final workshop of Movement Arts, Mikol will introduce breathwork and its benefits, then guide participants in various “essential breathing” exercises.

In between, she’ll guide some gentle yoga stretches.

Breathwork has a lot to offer, says Mikol. “It can change our minds from negativity, it’s nurturing to the nervous system, improves mood and cultivates resilience.”

Each of the workshop sessions will last an hour, with 10-minute breaks between.

Participants can take one or all of the sessions.

Also on hand will be essential oils for purchase from Earthwise Oils by local formulist Laura Zielinski and samples of a relaxing beverage from the Buzz Cafe.

Tickets for “A Gathering of Movement Arts” are available online at Eventbrite.com for $22 plus a $2.97 handling fee. Registration and payment will also be taken at the door.

The workshops are open to ages 13 and up of all experience levels.

Hauter hopes the workshops inspire attendees to try something new. “We’re always looking for ideas to bring people together,” she said. “There’s strength in community and the community needs to get moving and grooving.”