In a prior column, I covered the simple instructions on how to block unwanted calls by number on your cellphone.

To recap, on an iPhone, use the steps below:

Go to your missed call log

Tap the i icon at the right of the number

Scroll down and tap “Block caller.”

If you still have a home phone number, you probably get a great number of unwanted calls. Within a two-week period, we got at least 15 spam calls from two different numbers.

We use Internet-based phone with service provided by Spectrum (Time Warner), our Internet service provider, and they have options for blocking calls by number or more generally.

Note that we have only used the “block unwanted callers” option so far. To explore or turn on call-blocking options for Time Warner telephone service, follow these steps.

Login as you would to pay your bill (

Across the top of the page, you should see Overview, My Profile, My TV, My Internet, My Phone. Click My Phone.

On the right, in the Settings section, click the “Peace and Quiet” link.

Relatively near the top are tabs/button in blue, each with various options for blocking calls.

Block Unwanted Callers allows you to block up to 30 specific numbers. To use it,

Click in the circle next to “On”

Enter the phone number in the boxes, then click the “Add to Block Unwanted Callers List” button

Block Anonymous Calls allows you to block any calls that would show as Anonymous.

Nomorobo is an option that allows you to eliminate robo-calls with recorded announcements from telemarketers, political parties and so on. Once pre-election season arrives, this will be a handy feature.

Accept Selected Callers is more aggressive, allowing you to block all calls except those from numbers you specify. Read the description carefully when considering using this feature.

Block Outbound Caller ID allows you to do just that — NOT send your name or phone number to the caller ID on the other end. That will allow you to call without people seeing your number or name.

Whenever you make any changes, be sure to click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the screen.

By using these features on your cellphone and home phone, you can cut down on potential scams and other unwanted calls.

If you have a landline phone service such as AT&T, or if you need additional general help, instructions can be found at or by contacting your telephone provider’s customer service.

Carol Sabbar is director of computer services at Carthage College. Email her at