Last week, we talked about how and when to upload your own videos to YouTube.

This week, we will talk about managing your uploaded videos.

Getting to your video list isn’t terribly intuitive, and if any of you finds a simpler easier way, please do let me know!

Here are the steps I have found that reliably work:

1. Login to YouTube

2. Click on your photo (or where your photo should be) in the upper right corner

3. Click YouTube Studio (Beta). That will get you to the Dashboard.

4. Click the link or icon for “videos.” The icon looks like a couple of stacked squares with a right-facing arrow/ triangle on it.

This should list all of your videos along with information on whether they are public, private or unlisted.

It will also show the date the video was uploaded as well as how many views and likes you have had.

Once you have your videos listed on that screen, you can:

Change the access by clicking the down arrow next to the current access level and choosing another type (public, private, unlisted.)

Change any one of many attributes on one or many of your videos by:

Clicking in the box to the left of the videos whose attributes you want to update.

Clicking the down arrow next to the word Edit in the black toolbar above the list.

Selecting the info you want to edit from the list. For example, you might want to add tags to a subset of your videos to mark them with a specific topic, like a location “Hawaii” or holiday “Christmas” or event “Band-O-Rama.” You might also want to select a category of Education, Travel, etc.

When you have updated the desired attributes, click the “Update Videos” button.

You will get a warning that the change cannot be undone. Click the “I understand” box, then click “Update Videos”

Correct or change the title of the video by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of the video name, and clicking Edit Title & Description. Make the changes you want, then click Save.

Get the shareable link for your video by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of the video name, then clicking “Get shareable link.” It will indicate that the link was save to the clipboard; you will then need to go to where you want to paste it (Facebook, email, etc.) and click Paste or press Ctrl-V.

Download the video to your local computer by clicking the three vertical dots, then clicking Download. It should download as an MP4 video file. Navigate to choose the location where the file will be saved, then click the Save button.

Delete a video you no longer want by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of the video name, then clicking Delete. It will prompt you that the deletion cannot be undone. Check the box, then click Delete Video.

Carol Sabbar is the director of computer services at Carthage College. Send email to