A new children’s book, “Where Did the Sun Go?” has been recently released by Union Grove author Karen Franco.

This is the fourth book published by Amity Publications in Franco’s children’s book series.

Each of her books tells a story about her son, Jacob, who has autism.

This series of children’s books touches on different aspects of living in Jacob’s world in the hopes of helping other children learn about patience, understanding and acceptance of kids who are “differently-abled.”

“Where Did the Sun Go?” explains how a stormy day affects Jacob.

But with positive reassurance, constant interaction, as well as fun distractions, Jacob learns how to cope with the storm. Knowing the sun will be back soon helps to keep him calm and puts a smile back on his face.

WISN-TV meteorologist Lindsey Slater added her weather expertise to Franco’s story with a page titled “Where Do Storms Come From?”

The illustrations are by Miranda Morrison-Jreige.

“Where Did the Sun Go?” may be purchased along with Franco’s other books, “Just Hold My Hand,” “Jacob’s Hoop,” and “What Makes Bella Special?” on Amazon or through her website, www.karenfrancobooks.com.