This story first appeared on the Kenosha News Facebook page and on and generated hundreds of comments in reaction.

Here are some of the comments posted on Facebook:

n “I moved to Kenosha 13 years ago from Chicago and this was the best move for me and my children.” — Mytoya M. Garcia

n “Moved from Chicago to Mount Pleasant a year ago. Best move I’ve ever made. Will never go back to live in Illinois.” — Jason Fager

n “It’s hard-working taxpayers that are coming. Been here since February. Thanks for the welcome!” — Scott Lindemann

n “I moved to Kenosha from Illinois in 2005 and now live in Pleasant Prairie. You couldn’t pay me to move back even though I continue enjoying the downtown Chicago salary and associated benefits.” — Jeff Peadro

n “People in my area are moving across the river into Missouri.” — Rick Koyer

n “313 smart people leaving a state that taxes all your disposable income.” — Donald Lee Hund

n “Waukegan to Kenosha to Twin Lakes to now Racine.” — Drumalot Medina

n “We just moved from Kenosha to Illinois a year ago.” — Elizabeth Smith

n “I moved back to my hometown six months ago. Fox Lake, Ill., was still trying to charge me for vehicle stickers. I had to literally go to the Village Hall with my paperwork and prove I left the state. Anything to make a buck. I drive 20 miles a day, but it’s well worth it.” — Marlene Cimo

n “This has been going on for decades now.” — Sue Spencer

n “I moved from Zion to Kenosha, thinking the crime would be better. It isn’t.” — Eric Phillips

n “I’m one of them. Moved to Wisconsin 21 years ago. Never going back.” — Jessica Adams Mahon