At a preliminary hearing Friday, a court commissioner found probable cause to believe Martice Fuller of Kenosha killed his former girlfriend, 15-year-old Kaylie Juga, and attempted to kill her mother.

Fuller, who has turned 16 since his arrest for the May 9 shootings, is charged with first-degree intentional homicide and attempted first-degree intentional homicide.

At the hearing, Kenosha Police Detective Jason Kenesie testified he arrived shortly after the shooting at the Jugas’ home in the 10900 block of 66th Street in the Horizons subdivision. He said he attempted to help the fatally wounded teenager.

“I observed at least two gunshot wounds, one in her head and neck area and one in her chest,” he said.

He said a later autopsy showed she had been shot four times in the chest and once in the head.

Kenesie testified that Fuller’s cousin told police Fuller had confessed to shooting Juga. He said he told his cousin he “shot Kaylie two times and screamed and freaked out and he shot her more.”

The detective said the girl’s mother, Stephanie Juga, was home and heard gunshots and screaming and ran to her daughter’s room.

Stephanie Juga told police she recognized Fuller as he stood at the entrance to the bedroom.

“She indicated that Martice Fuller had been in a relationship with Kaylie and had been in her residence multiple times,” Kenesie testified.

She told him, “You don’t have to do this,” and he said he did before shooting her in the wrist and chest. She fled to a bathroom.

“He indicated that he changed his clothes after the shooting and rode his bike away from the area,” Kenesie testified about Fuller’s actions.

Cross examination

In cross examination, Kenesie said that in interviews with police, Fuller did not say he shot either Kaylie or Stephanie Juga.

Kenesie also testified security video from a neighbor’s home showed someone leaving the house.

“Were you able to identify the person in that video?” defense attorney Carl Johnson asked.

“No,” Kenesie answered.

Under Wisconsin law, Fuller was automatically charged as an adult because of the nature of the charges. But his defense attorneys may attempt to move the case into the juvenile justice system through a reverse waiver process.

Fuller is next expected to appear in court July 26 for a status hearing.