Tiffany Rocco was already in jail awaiting trial on burglary charges when she was charged Tuesday with 12 new felonies.

Rocco, 43, of Kenosha, is alleged to have defrauded a former boyfriend’s mother, opening credit cards in the woman’s name and charging nearly $50,000.

She also allegedly forged at least one check and took jewelry, including the woman’s wedding and engagement rings.

Rocco had been living at the woman’s home.

The woman reported the issue to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department late last year.

As detectives were investigating the identity theft allegations, Rocco was arrested after being identified through a Facebook tip as a suspect in a Bristol burglary.

In that case, she is alleged to have been involved in the burglary of a Bristol farm twice last October while the farm owner was out of town.

During those incidents, authorities said the burglars took more than $50,000 in belongings that ranged from a metal roof vent and tools, to gloves, faucet sets, a crystal chandelier, binoculars and fine art, including nine paintings, vases, a bronze sculpture, antiques and furniture.

Rocco was charged Nov. 29 with burglary, theft and bail jumping in that case.

On Tuesday, Rocco’s bond was set at $25,000 on the new charges.