Kenosha Police and other law enforcement personnel spent many hours Wednesday and Thursday searching a wooded area for evidence in connection with a death reported last month.

The evidentiary search took place in the area of 50th Street and 52nd Avenue as part of an investigation into a death that reportedly took place in the 3700 block of 45th Street in late July.

As many as 30 officers, including deputies from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, had been on scene at one point Thursday to search a wooded area north east of the intersection of 52nd Street and 50th Avenue.

A police dog was also brought in to assist with the search along with a drone that circled the field periodically.

According to authorities and residents in the area, the search began Wednesday night after the dinner hour.

It continued into the early afternoon. At one point, officers stood about 3 feet apart in a line, shoulder to shoulder, and proceeded to walk into the wooded area. An observer said “just like you see in the movies.”

By mid-afternoon, the search tapered off, but police vehicles were still stationed around wooded property.

“We’re still looking for additional evidence,” Lt. James Beller of the Kenosha Police Department said around 3 p.m. “Right now, we’re at a slow point but we’re maintaining a presence in the area.”

He said the property is overgrown with thick brush and that has hampered the search.


to death probe

Beller said individuals were being interviewed in connection with the death investigation but were “not at this time” considered suspects.

Beller said he could not release information as to what authorities are searching for.

He would not say if they were searching for multiple people or a single individual. He declined to say whether it involved an adult or a child.

“The original information came in yesterday after dinner time. That information indicated there was a loss of life and to look in a specific area,” he said. “Right now, the details aren’t very clear. ... We’re trying to gather the information to guide us where we need to go.”

He said the interviews were “ongoing.”

“We’re obtaining bits and pieces,” he said.

Beller said he anticipated additional information would be released as early as Friday morning.

Neighbors concerned

Nasser Dhaher, who lives near the intersection where yellow scene tape cordoned of the area in front of his house, said he was scared that something had happened at home.

“I was afraid to death when I came home,” said Dhaher, who is a truck driver and arrived home during the early morning hours. “I was coming in at four in the morning and the whole area was closed. I was thinking, ‘Oh, my God, something must’ve happened at home. But then I realized it wasn’t that. And, thank God.

“When I got here, they actually had a drone up in the area and a crane with lights with a big light and a K-9 unit was out here, too. I was saying to myself, ‘Is the SWAT team going to be next?’” he said. “I asked the police here, ‘Are we safe?’

Police have said there is no danger to the community.

His daughter Sabrina Dhaher said the area is typically very quiet, but she had noticed people on dirt bikes traveling through the field in recent weeks.

Nasser said he saw a woman picking wild berries at one point.

They said, however, they didn’t notice any unusual smells, animals or occurrences coming from the field that was being searched.

“If somebody was dead, it’s been so hot. We could’ve smelled it,” he said.

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