A Baltimore man is in custody after being charged with a series of sex crimes for an online relationship that came to light after a Twin Lakes girl stabbed her father.

David Schuman, 21, was taken into custody in Baltimore Tuesday after a search warrant was executed on his home. He is awaiting extradition to Kenosha County, said Twin Lakes Police Chief Adam Grosz.

“He is facing some very serious charges,” Grosz said.

Schuman was charged Tuesday with sexual exploitation of a child, causing a child to listen to or view sexual activity, exposing a child to harmful material, and possession of child pornography, all of the charges tied to sexually explicit videos and photos he shared online with a Twin Lakes girl when she was 13 and 14 years old. Along with the charges, a $300,000 warrant was issued for his arrest.

The girl, now 14, is alleged to have stabbed her father with a butcher knife on Jan. 13. The stabbing occurred after her parents confronted the girl when they learned of her online relationship with a man she called Dave and said was her fiance.

The girl, who was home-schooled, had never met Schuman in person, but had been exchanging messages, photos and videos with Schuman for months, according to a criminal complaint. Grosz said Schuman was aware of the girl’s age throughout their relationship.

After the stabbing, investigators going through the girl’s journals learned she had been writing for weeks about a plan to kill her father, and that she wrote that she had discussed her plan with “Dave.”

With her arrest, investigators were able to recover evidence of the teen’s online exchanges with a man identified in the chat exchanges as “Daddy Dave,” and then identified Schuman through phone records and photographs recovered from the phone.

The police chief said additional evidence was seized from Schuman’s home when investigators in Maryland served a search warrant there.

“It was a very good investigation,” Grosz said.

The chief issued a statement praising the “hard work and effort put into this investigation” by members of the Twin Lakes Police Department, the Wisconsin Department of Justice-Division of Criminal Investigation and authorities in the Baltimore area.

“Everyone, across multiple agencies, worked together in an effort to identify and get this suspect into custody,” Grosz said.

Grosz said Schuman must go through an extradition process to be transferred from Maryland to Kenosha County. He said he does not know when Schuman will make his first court appearance here.

The 14-year-old girl is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing March 21.