Alexey Hufnagle

Alexey Hufnagle

A 21-year-old Bristol man is being held in Kenosha County Jail after taking a trip to Italy using a stolen credit card.

A warrant was issued for Alexey Hufnagle in May after he was charged with felony theft, misdemeanor theft, unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information, theft-special facts for allegedly stealing a handgun and fraudulent use of a credit card.

At the time the warrant was issued, Hufnagle was believed to be in Milan, Italy, allegedly stealing a relative’s credit card information to pay for the trip.

Hufnagle made his initial appearance in court Wednesday after being taken into custody on the warrant.

Although a spokesman for the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said he did not know exactly where Hufnagle was found, Hufnagle said in court that his passport was seized when he re-entered the United States.

According to the criminal complaint, the sheriff’s department first began investigating Hufnagle in March after a relative said Hufnagle borrowed her vehicle but did not return it.

She said she then learned from his friends that he may have left the country. The woman told police a handgun and ammunition also were missing from her safe.

The woman’s vehicle was found in a parking lot at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell Airport.

Deputies served a search warrant on Hufnagle’s residence and found the woman’s handgun in a safe in Hufnagle’s bedroom.

About two weeks later, deputies heard from the same woman that after her credit card was declined while she was shopping; she called the company and learned that $4,500 had been charged to her credit card for American Airlines tickets and to Expedia, an online booking agent for travel.

According to the criminal complaint, Hufnagel was also seen on security video using the credit card to purchase contraceptives at a pharmacy.

A friend of Hufnagle’s told a detective that he saw a social media post from a mutual friend in which he recognized Hufnagle. The photo included the caption “Off to Brussels.”

In late May, after a warrant was issued for his arrest, Hufnagle changed his profile photo on Facebook to a picture of himself and a woman on a bridge in Venice, Italy.

In addition to the charges related to the trip, Hufnagle was charged with theft for allegedly stealing an ATV from one Salem Lakes resident and $700 from a second Salem Lakes resident.

At the time he left the country, Hufnagle was on probation for a 2018 conviction for fraudulent use of a credit card. He also had a 2017 conviction for the same charge.

In leaving the country, Hufnagle violated his probation and is listed by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections as having “absconded.”

In court Wednesday, his defense attorney said Hufnagle is on a probation hold for that violation and that his probation is likely to be revoked.

His bond for the most recent theft case was set at $5,000.

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