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Gift bag stolen from parked car

A woman told Kenosha Police that someone stole a gift bag intended for a family party for her grandson who was leaving for military service.

The woman told police Sunday that she placed the gift bag, that included two cards with a total of $312, in the back seat of her car, which was parked inside her garage on the 400 block of 44th Street, leaving the door open as she went inside to gather up more things for the farewell party. She did not realize the gift bag was missing until she got to the event.

Vandals damage cars around city

Three parked vehicles were damaged by vandals in different areas of the city Sunday.

Kenosha Police received reports of a Dodge pickup that had a tire slashed while parked on the 8200 block of 15th Avenue, a Chevrolet Blazer that had a tire slashed while parked on the 8300 block of 17th Avenue, and a Dodge Durango that had a windshield broken and quarter panel dented, apparently with rocks taken from nearby railroad tracks, while it was parked in a lot on the 1200 block of 57th Street.

Teen charged with hit-and-run

Jaylyn Jenkins, 18, of Kenosha, was charged Tuesday with hit-and-run causing injury, disorderly conduct and reckless driving-causing injury.

Jenkins is alleged to have purposefully struck a 21-year-old woman with her car.

The woman told police Jenkins had threatened her over social media, then followed her while she was driving, according to the criminal complaint. The woman said she got out of her car at 61st Street and 22nd Avenue, and as she stood at her open car door, Jenkins struck her car and her, with a vehicle.

The woman said Jenkins then backed up and drove away. The woman said she had neck, knee and shin pain.

Jenkins told police she had not been driving and said she did not hit the woman. Jenkins was released on a signature bond.

Kayak stolen from 26th Avenue

A Kenosha man told police his kayak was stolen from his home on the 1900 block of 26th Avenue.

The man said the kayak was locked in a storage area.

The cable that secured it was cut sometime over the weekend and the kayak taken. It had recently been purchased for $315.