A man who reportedly follows a woman while she runs has been warned to stop.

According to the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department, the 38-year-old Salem Lakes woman called authorities Tuesday morning about the man.

The woman said the man, driving a van, repeatedly drives slowly alongside her, staring at her while she runs.

On Tuesday morning, she said the man pulled alongside her and drove by her slowly as she ran alone in Wilmot, then pulled into a driveway, turned around and followed her again.

She told the deputy the man — a stranger — has followed her repeatedly over the last two years, once telling her, “I like to look at you while you run.”

She had reported his behavior to the sheriff’s department once before in 2018. The woman gave the deputy the van’s license plate number.

The deputy went to the 68-year-old man’s home in Trevor. The deputy told the man if he continued his behavior it would be considered harassment.

The man reportedly told the deputy he understood “but still believes he is doing nothing wrong, saying (the woman) is overreacting.”