Lyft driver threatens woman

A woman reported being threatened by a Lyft driver who drove her to Menards, 7330 74th Place, on Thursday.

According to a Kenosha Police Department report, the driver complained about driving a long way for a short ride. The woman asked whether she should just get out of the car, and the driver told her it was her choice, according to the report.

The woman said the driver continued to complain about the short ride, and she told him that she felt uncomfortable and wanted to get out. The driver, however, continued to drive her to the store, according to the report.

Later, when the ride concluded, she told him that she didn't appreciate how she was treated.

According to the report, the driver told the woman that, if she gave him a bad review, "I know where you live."

The woman asked whether the driver was threatening her, and he allegedly reiterated the statement, saying "Yes, if you give me a bad review, I know where you live," according to the report.

The woman then called police and also called Lyft, with staff telling her they would follow up with her later in the day.

Police told the woman not to let the man in if he should come back to her house. The suspect was described as an older white man, possibly 55 to 65 years of age, with graying hair and drove a white SUV.

No other information on the suspect was available, according to the report.

Kenosha area man arrested for battery

Authorities arrested a Kenosha area man Thursday after he allegedly assaulted a woman and held her against her will, according to a Kenosha County Sheriff's Department report.

Deputies arrested the 26-year-old man shortly after 7 p.m. Thursday after the woman reported several incidents involving assault and battery at their home, the location of which was not disclosed in the sheriff's department report. Authorities recommended charges of false imprisonment, two counts of battery and two counts of disorderly conduct.

According to the report, the man restrained the woman, grabbing her by the throat during an altercation on Wednesday. The woman told authorities that she screamed, which deterred the man from continuing with the assault.

The suspect also pushed the woman into a wall during another incident on Jan. 19, which caused bruising to her buttocks, according to the report. The woman also had bruises as a result of the attack on Wednesday.

According to the report, the woman did not know the man's violent tendencies when she began dating him last year, but had documented the latest incidents, including 29 photos showing her injuries that she provided to authorities as evidence.

According to the report, the woman finally reported the incidents to authorities after an argument outside their home in which the suspect had become verbally abusive toward her.

During the interview with authorities, the man had called the woman 15 times — and 67 times in all following the argument. She said the man becomes jealous of male co-workers and frequently calls her during her work day even though she is not allowed to have a phone on her while working, according to the report.