A Froedtert South physician charged with stalking a certified nursing assistant was ordered Thursday as part of his bond not to contact the woman and to stay away from Kenosha Medical Center, 6308 Eighth Ave.

Dr. Nedal Mejalli, 57, was charged March 4. He made his initial appearance in court Thursday.

At the hearing, Court Commissioner Larry Keating said the $1,000 bond Mejalli had posted earlier would remain on file, but stressed that Mejalli could not have any contact with the woman named in the complaint or with the downtown Kenosha campus of Froedtert South.

Defense attorney Patrick Cafferty said Mejalli had no objection to the no-contact provisions of the bond. Cafferty said earlier that Mejalli disputes the allegations and will seek exoneration.

According to the criminal complaint, Mejalli is accused of stalking the 22-year-old CNA at the hospital.

The complaint stated that the two had a past consensual romantic relationship, but that ended in May.

The woman told police that since the breakup, the doctor had been stalking her, including sending her messages and confronting her at work. She said the behavior continued although she had complained to the hospital’s human resources department.

The woman went to Kenosha Police on Feb. 15 after, she said, Mejalli approached her in the hospital cafeteria and — according to the woman — told her, “You’re going to die. I’m going to kill you.”

A man the woman had been speaking to on the phone when Mejalli approached her told police he, too, heard the threat.

In a restraining order Mejalli filed against the woman days after she went to police, he accused her of “trying to destroy my life.”

In that filing, he wrote that the woman had been blackmailing him, that she had physically abused him, and that she was harassing him by going to hospital management with complaints.

According to a statement in the criminal complaint, Mejalli works both as a family practice doctor and a hospitalist, working four- to 12-hour shifts at the hospital.

Mejalli is next expected in court March 27 for a preliminary hearing.