Kenosha Police Department

Kenosha Police Department

Kenosha Police arrested a suspect in Thursday’s ax attack at a business after a foot chase Friday.

The attack occurred Thursday afternoon at a small industrial business in the 5900 block of 35th Avenue at about 1:40 p.m.

An employee of the business said a man walked into the business with an ax and a shovel an assaulted an employee, leaving the man with two lacerations to his arm.

Kenosha Police Sgt. Matt Strelow said Friday the person with the ax — described as a white man in his 20s with curly dark hair — was not known to the people at the business and his motive was unknown.

When the man fled, he left the ax and shovel behind.

After the attack, police searched the area on foot and with two police dogs but were unable to locate the suspect.

On Friday, two police detectives investigating the assault were canvassing the neighborhood where the assault occurred looking for information.

According to a statement from police, “detectives spotted a 25-year-old male acting suspiciously.” When detectives attempted to interview him, he fled on foot.

They captured the man near 39th Avenue and 53rd Street.

Police said the man was arrested pending charges of first-degree reckless injury, obstruction and resisting police. His name was not released.

“Detectives will meet with the Kenosha County District Attorney’s Office to discuss additional charges which may be referred as soon as Tuesday,” police stated.

A person at the business Friday declined to comment about the incident. The person who was injured declined to be taken to a hospital after the attack.