A 21-year-old Baltimore man is being held in Kenosha County Jail on $250,000 bond, accused of having an online sexual relationship with a 14-year-old Twin Lakes girl.

A dispute over that relationship led the girl to stab her father in January.

David Schuman was arrested at his home in Baltimore last week after authorities here issued a warrant for his arrest. He was extradited from Maryland and made his initial appearance in Kenosha County court on Wednesday.

Schuman is charged with sexual exploitation of a child, causing a child to view sexual activity, exposing a child to harmful material and possession of child pornography.

At his court appearance, Schuman sat quietly looking down at the defense table, answering “yes sir” when questioned by the court commissioner about whether he understood his bond conditions.

According to the criminal complaint, Schuman and the girl became involved in an online relationship in June 2018. The two exchanged explicit messages, photographs and video. According to statements recovered from the girl’s journals, Schuman was aware of the girl’s age. “A 20-year-old dating a 13-year-old girl doesn’t sound right but he doesn’t see me as a 13-year-old child,” she wrote, according to a criminal complaint. “He says I am the most mature 13-year-old he has ever met.”

After the girl’s parents became aware of the relationship they confronted the girl. She is alleged to have stabbed her father in the face with a butcher knife on Jan. 13, the day after that confrontation.

The girl was later charged with first-degree attempted homicide charges after investigators saw entries in her journal that showed she had been planning to kill her father and, according to the journal entries, had discussed that plan with Schuman.

Twin Lakes Police and the Wisconsin Department of Criminal Investigation were able to identify Schuman after a forensic examiner retrieved data from the girl’s damaged phone.

According to statements in court Wednesday, Schuman lives with his parents in Baltimore and attends community college. He has no criminal record.

“These allegations are serious and disturbing, frankly,” said Court Commissioner Loren Keating in setting the bond.

He said he felt a high cash bond was required both because Schuman has no ties to Wisconsin and because the charges carry a mandatory prison sentence if convicted, making Schuman a flight risk.