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"She wasn't a piece of meat. She wasn't trash," grandmother cries for infant dumped in field

"She wasn't a piece of meat. She wasn't trash," grandmother cries for infant dumped in field


When she closes her eyes, she sees the face of her granddaughter.

“I hope they hear this,” said Hezile Frison Jr.’s mother as she spoke outside the courtroom where Frison’s girlfriend Monica Adams, 21, had just been charged with a series of felonies for abandoning the body of Frison and Adam’s 2-month-old daughter Jalisa Adams-Frison.

Frison’s mother, Jalisa’s grandmother, did not want to be identified to protect the identities of other family members. But she said she wanted her son and his girlfriend to know what she thought of them, and of the torment she and other family members were feeling.

“I feel like I brought a murderer into this world,” she said, saying she hoped her son and his girlfriend would go to prison. “You two did this. It was these two devils. ... They are devils. They are evil people.”

Prosecutors believe Jalisa died July 28 in the basement of a home in the 3700 block of 45th Street. How she died is unclear.

But according to a criminal complaint against Adams filed Monday, the couple concealed her death from family, telling them the baby had gone to stay with Adams’ mother.

After several weeks of receiving inconsistent statements about the baby’s whereabouts from Adams and Frison, a concerned family member went to police on Aug. 14 to report that Jalisa was missing.

Body dumped in field

The couple are believed two have left the body of the infant, closed up in a blue drawstring bag, along a dirt trail in a wooded empty lot near 52nd Avenue and 50th Street.

In interviews with police after the relative reported the baby missing, Frison and Adams initially continued to say that Jalisa was with Adams’ mother in Milwaukee.

Eventually, they admitted the baby had died, and that they had carried her body to the empty lot.

According to their statements, Adams stayed at the edge of the lot while Frison carried the baby into the woods, returning with an empty baby seat that he later left in a dumpster.

“Hezile stated that he had been back to the location of Jalisa’s body two times. Hezile said both times he went back to Jalisa’s body he was able to locate her,” a detective wrote in a statement included in the criminal complaint.

He reportedly placed the baby in a bag about 5 feet from the trail.

“The last time Hezile went back to Jalisa’s body was two to three weeks ago,” the complaint states.

No body found

But when the couple told investigators where to look for the body, they found only the bag.

“The bag was located in tall grass (and) weeds 15 feet off a dirt trail,” the complaint states. “The bag appeared to have been torn (or) shredded open, as if clawed by an animal.”

“Due to the extent of the lies that took place over days and weeks, it is unlikely that we will be able to find this young girl’s body or ever determine the cause of death,” said Assistant District Attorney Jason Zapf.

Adams was charged Monday with failure to report the death of a child, concealing the death of a child, providing false information about a kidnapped or missing person, obstructing police and aiding a felon. She is being held on $100,000 bond.

Frison, who is in jail on a probation hold, has not yet been charged. District Attorney Michael Graveley said he could not say when he would be charged or whether he would face the same charges as Adams.

Co-sleeping death?

Frison and Adams had moved to Kenosha about two months earlier and were staying with a relative, the same woman who turned them in to police.

Relatives said Frison appeared to handle most of the baby’s care, saying that Adams did not appear to have bonded with the baby.

On the day the baby died, Adams told investigators Jalisa appeared to be fine and that Frison had fed her and had then fallen asleep.

She said she took a shower and returned to find that the baby was not breathing. She said Frison said the baby had possibly suffocated while lying on the bed with him while he slept.

According to the complaint, Adams eventually told police she did not report the baby’s death because Frison threatened her. Frison told police he had been trying to protect Adams and that he did not want her to go to jail.

The complaint states that when investigators searched Frison’s phone, they found a series of web searches on sudden infant death syndrome, on neonatal death and the types of wild animals found in Kenosha.

“What is the only way a parent cannot go to jail if a baby dies?” was one search. “What is the law in Kenosha if a baby dies?” was another.

In court Monday, Adams, tiny in her jail uniform, was quiet, answering only that she understood when questioned about her bond by the court commissioner.

While she showed little emotion, her legs shook so hard the shackles on her ankles rattled.

Defense attorney Larisa Benitez-Morgan said Adams has no criminal history, and said that she acted out of fear of her co-defendant.

‘Sweet little baby’

Outside of court, Frison’s family members disputed that, saying that neither had shown remorse, saying that both had lied to them repeatedly.

Frison’s mother described Jalisa as “a sweet little baby ... a little butterball, so pretty.”

She said she is haunted by the idea of the baby lying alone in the empty lot.

“She wasn’t a piece of meat. She wasn’t trash,” she cried.

According to the criminal complaint, Adams “showed little emotion” during eight hours of speaking with police.

“It should also be noted that Monica never asked us if we found the body of her child,” the complaint states.


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