Michael Cina

Michael Cina

Two years after he was charged with first-degree homicide for the shooting death of a Kenosha man, Michael Cina is still awaiting trial.

Cina, 40, of West Allis, was charged in January 2017 for the Aug. 21, 2016, killing of Bernard Reavers.

Cina is alleged to have broken into the apartment of Reavers’ neighbor. Investigators said Reavers was shot when he inadvertently interrupted a burglary in his upstairs neighbor’s apartment — Reavers had gone to his neighbor’s home to loan the woman a vacuum.

At a status hearing before Judge Bruce Schroeder Thursday, Cina’s defense attorney told the judge he had just been appointed to the case and needed time to go over the evidence and prepare. Three previous defense attorneys have withdrawn from the case.

Schroeder set a tentative trial date for May 20.

Cina is already serving prison time on a 2017 Milwaukee County conviction for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

He is also being prosecuted for another homicide in Racine County. In that case, Cina is alleged to have shot and killed 36-year-old Joey Torrez of Racine as Torrez got into his car on Holmes Avenue. Security video of that killing showed a man in a blue car driving up to Torrez and shooting at him out of the window of the car. Torrez was shot eight times.

That trial is scheduled to start in Racine County next week. However, court records show the state is seeking an adjournment.

Cina is also being prosecuted for felony battery, alleged to have struck a guard at the Racine County Jail.