Timothy Carson

Timothy Carson, accused of stabbing a classmate in April 2017, listens during a court hearing. His trial has been postponed until August.

The trial for Timothy Carson, accused of stabbing a classmate to death in a Bradford High School study hall, is being postponed.

Carson, 17, was scheduled to go to trial May 13 for the death of Dez’Jon Taylor.

At a hearing Thursday, District Attorney Michael Graveley asked that the trial be adjourned, saying the state needs more time to hire an expert witness to respond to a defense witness.

The defense plans to call a “use of force” expert who is expected to testify in support of the defense theory that Carson acted in self-defense.

Judge Mary K. Wagner granted the state’s request over objections from the defense.

“This case has been pending for nearly two years at this point with Tim, starting at 15 years old, being incarcerated,” defense attorney Hilary Edwards said, objecting to the delay.

Wagner set a new trial date of Aug. 26.

Carson is alleged to have stabbed Taylor on April 25, 2017. According to the criminal complaint, Taylor and two friends walked into a study hall where Carson was awaiting the class period to begin.

Taylor, 15, closed a teacher out of the classroom and punched Carson, who responded by stabbing the other teen in the chest.

Taylor fled the classroom and collapsed in the hallway. He died days later.

According to statements in court, Carson and Taylor had previously been friends but had had a falling out, and there was a series of conflicts leading up to the stabbing.

Carson’s case has been delayed in part because of the defense effort to move his case into juvenile court.

Because Carson is charged with second-degree intentional homicide, he was automatically charged as an adult under state law.

For months after he was initially charged, defense attorneys fought to have his case moved into juvenile court through a reverse waiver process.

That effort ended in August 2018 after an appellate court’s decision upholding a circuit court ruling that Carson would be tried as an adult.

Carson will next appear in court May 13 as the attorneys argue over what evidence will be admitted at trial.